earthy engagement rings

Engagement Rings that can Reflect Your Sentiments

Sometimes you need to express your feelings not just by words but by the gestures as well. Presenting something to someone is a good gesture. The gesture can represent feelings and affection at the same time. Jewelry is always inspirational because it can reflect the purity of the sentiment. There are various types of rings available. There is no hard and fast rule defined for the use of the rings. Rings can be used for various occasions. Any moment can be made memorable with the help of the rings. Rings are said to the sign of devotion and care.  Rings are mostly expensive to buy. The worth of a ring is defined by its type. Rings can be made up of precious metals like gold, silver and many more. Rings are delicate and sensitive in nature and this characteristic makes rings even more valuable. Talking about the rings that are graceful and naturally inspired, earthy engagement rings are said to be the rings that posses both the qualities. We are offering engagement rings that are originally beautiful and gorgeous. The rings that we are presenting to our valuable customers can make any moment special. No matter what type of ring is required, you just have to think about the ring and we will make it a reality. The collection of the earthy engagement rings that we suggest to our valuable customers is not only certified but also meets the required standards.

Brilliance of recycled and refined engagement rings

The popularity of earthy engagement rings is because of various reasons. Our rings are recycled and refined to give brilliance and purity at the same time. There are pure elements used in the rings that we are offering. Our commitment is to provide the type of earthy engagement rings that can have a unique look and appearance. The jewelry process is one of the distinct feature that we have, for the same reason our rings are more eco-friendly.  The cost of our rings is way more less than that of other rings; it is because of the fact that we use extensive eco-friendly practices. We have never compromised onto the quality of the rings. The rings are established and developed through the quality monitoring procedure in which it is ensured that the rings are of superior quality. Our rings are maintenance free and long lasting. The rings are exquisitely crafted by the well known jewelry experts. Due to the finest quality of the rings, any metal can be used with the rings. If you wish to have the ring that can hold a precious gemstone that can be possibility as well. We have wide range of environmental friendly rings that can be best representation of the feelings and emotions. Health and the safety is one of the prime priorities here, we have successfully managed to come up with the type of rings that can offer commitment and brilliance. The combination of the recycled and refined technology gives elegance and sparkle to the rings, moreover every ring that we offer are delightful and bright in nature.

Beach Wedding Clothes for Men

Linen Beach Wedding Attire for Men and Boys

Planning a wedding can be both tedious and fun. From drawing up the budget, travel plans and guest lists to choosing a date and location, couples usually have a full plate. And, then, there is the small problem of what to wear on the big day. Beach-themed weddings and so-called destination beach weddings – on an actual beach somewhere tropical or in the summer, somewhere temperate – aren’t free from the rigors of planning especially when it comes to what to wear.

So, you’ve decided on an amazing dress. Maybe floaty bohemian style attire or a flowing white chiffon or maybe it’s a knee-length sundress. When picking a style, it is important that you consider dresses that complement what the men put on, as well as the scenery. You shouldn’t be dressed more formally than the guys, or underdressed. You shouldn’t be in a high neck silk dress in the summer. Men Beach Wedding Vests should complement in style and color. Here is a guideline to help you succeed in choosing perfect linen attires for men.

Linen breathes

Weddings on the beach in the summer or in the dry season in the tropics usually present one of two challenges: Beating the heat or combating sea breeze. Choosing light, airy, breathable attires is vital to enjoying the weather as much as the wedding. Linen is the foremost choice in this regard. You won’t be more comfortable in any other fabric. So, which linen Attire for Beach Wedding Clothes for Men should you go for? What styles will make the boys look handsome and comfortable? Here are some tips.

Linen shirts

Pretty much any long-sleeved Linen Shirts for Beach Wedding will do. You have to take care, though, to go for pastel colors. White is great and is easily the first choice. Be that as it may, you could also go for a simple, pale blue or pink button-up shirt to blend with the weather, suit color, as well as your dress. They could either go with carefully chosen ties in the case of cooler temperature or they could be open, unbuttoned at the first two buttons. There is also something to be said about print or pattern shirts. The rolled-sleeve unbuttoned look with suspenders is an example of the summary, relaxed effect.

Light shade suits

Perfectly tailored suits in light shades are great for a beach wedding. Light gray or brown two-button suits meld nicely with the cool, understated pastels of the chosen shirt. Pinstripe suits could complete a luxurious look. And, there is always something to be said for the ubiquitous navy blue. All the more so, if you opt for a nautical feels to complement the scenery. You could go for the preppy look if your wedding reception isn’t held in the same location. Tight fitting suit styles should be carefully chosen. The roomier, the better.

Shoes, hats, ties and accessories

Once you have chosen the shirt and suit styles, it’s time to determine how to accessorize. This can be done in several ways. Slip-on shoes, espadrilles for example and sandals are better than flip flops for that laid back look. Bright colored pocket squares and ties may complete a suave look.

The same goes for hats: Porkpies, fedoras, and trilbies are great for an iconic, scenic choice. These accessories complement the lightweight, unconstructed, light shade fabrics you choose to complement your dress style. So as you decide on which dress style fits the most, you’ll do well to keep in mind the groom and the groomsmen, as well as the location and the weather forecast for your chosen date. All these are not attire for women.

Jewelry Stores in the Jacksonville Area

There are dozens, if not hundreds of  You can choose any Jacksonville Jeweler, but are you going to pay for their Jewelry Store Over head? Their Jacksonville Jewelry store local radio advertising budget? How about their diamond and gemology certification fees across an entire staff?

Why Premier Jewelers? First off they have a 4.8 Star Google rating, and their Facebook reviews from real customers are even higher. Premier Jewelers of Jacksonville Florida just doesn’t want to sell you a Diamond Engagement Ring, this Jacksonville owned business wants you to come back again and again. When you need to show the most important person in your life how much they mean to you, make it Premier Jewelers.

Diamonds will happily work with you to create a unique and special custom engagement ring. Topped with one of owner Glenn Nedrow’s magnificent,
ideal cut, loose diamonds, an <b>Jacksonville engagement ring</b> from Jacksonville Jeweler Premier Jewelers takes a back seat to no other piece of jewelry anywhere in the world.

Jacksonville Jeweler, Premier Jewelers offers fine jewelry from our large selection of diamonds and precious stones is only part of the experience. Premier Jewelers is committed to our customers creating a superior shopping experience.

With an experienced master jeweler in store, Premier Jewelers is able to custom design to your specification, as well as assist in remounts and same day jewelry repairs. All work in-house with a highly regarded Jewelry Repair Technician. In other words, all the jewelry repair is done on the premises by our on-site jewelers.

Premier Jewelers, your Diamond Engagement is proud to offer a brilliant selection of Jacksonville engagement rings, diamond jewelry and loose diamonds online that perfectly accentuate the beauty and personality of that someone special. Whether it is a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, Princess Cut Diamond Ring, a Three Diamond Engagement ring, or one of our other countless Diamond Ring Styles, Jacksonville Jeweler Premier Jewelers can get her to say YES!

cotton kurti

5 Latest Cotton Kurti Designs To Rock this Summer 2017

Looking for a go-to-garment to beat the heat while staying stylish as you have always been? Well, the summer season has already knocked at our door and it’s time to brace ourselves. With the emergence of latest cotton kurti designs, it has become easier to dress comfortably yet stylishly. Girls who don’t want to compromise with their comfort level, would love these ethnic tunics which can be paired easily with any bottom wear. From capris to jeggings, treggings, salwars, cigarette pants, and denims, all go well with it. You can rock the girl-next-door look by pairing any bottom wear with the kurti of your choice.

Here is a list of 5 latest cotton kurti designs which you can wear around with comfort and style both. Let’s check it out.

Anarkali style cotton kurti

You may have a wardrobe full of different outfits and kurtis, but without an anarkali kurti in cotton fabric, it’s just incomplete. Almost every girl should have this Indian tunic with flared bottom in her wardrobe. This is the perfect staple which can brighten up a dull day in a summer with a bit of mix and match experiment. From a simple white flared frock to the one with a pop of colours, you would certainly find myriad of choices when it comes to satiate your fashion pangs for comfortable and gorgeous ethnic outfits.

Shirt cotton kurti

We have had heard a lot about shirt dress, shirts and more, now it’s time to shirt style cotton kurti. It is one of the latest cotton kurti designs which are considered smart. You can rock it like a true diva no matter whether you’re at your workplace, in a party or hanging out with your friends.  This versatile piece ought to be a go-to-go-garment. You can pull it off over a pair of jeggings, leggings, denims or even salwars.

High and low cotton kurti

Not only silk, satin, net, georgette, and chiffon fabrics are popular choices for high and low kurtis. Even cotton fabric has made its presence felt too with this sensuous cut. There are varieties of high and low kurtis in the same fabric which can be worn on special occasions. The latest cuts, patterns and work have made it popular among young women.

The short printed kurti

Ethnic flavour can be found in long and short cuts depending upon one’s tastes. Come summers and women flock to the market to search for comfortable short cotton kurtis which they would love to match with their denims. If you’re one of them, then there is no going back! The market has been swarmed with various short printed kurtis which make great outfits for office, college and even parties. From ajrakh prints to kalamkari, block prints, ikat prints and more, you will find a truly amazing variety in there.

Two tone cotton kurti

This one is truly an attention grabber. The summer season is the best time when you can amp up your style quotient with a zing of two colours. Fashionistas are loving such an idea to include in their ethnic outfit and it’s showering them with appreciation as well. Next time you go to buy kurti online, ensure you get one done in two colours to follow the trend.

So, ladies go comfortable, go rocking this summer season with a little update in your wardrobe with cotton kurtis.


The Fashion Conscious Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing for a Wedding

Irrespective of whether it’s a family wedding, a friend’s or even an office colleague’s wedding, you need to make sure that you are dressed in such a way that will leave the best impact without creating such a sensation that the bride or the groom is upstaged. How you dress up also depends on the dress code specified by the hosts that indicates the extent of formalness expected to be adhered to at the function. Some tips on dressing right for the big day:

Black Tie Weddings

As far as sophistication and class go there’s really nothing to beat a tuxedo at a formal black tie wedding. Even with the general softening of wedding dress codes in modern times, the black tie remains a standard in formal attire especially when paired with a tuxedo. Usually, the medium weight wool jacket will be black, though you may prefer blue with a lapel of satin that will subtly contrast with the matte finish of the jacket. You may also experiment with bolder colors, however, the trouser will invariably still be only black with a grosgrain stripe on out-seams of the legs to match the jacket lapel. The trouser sits high on the waist and has no loops for a belt.

You can opt for a clean look by keeping the shirt front plain, but for a fancy look, you can choose pleats or a textured touch that comes with the classic Marcella cloth. It is better to sport a turn-down collar while the buttons can either be concealed or on show. Go with a classic black dress shoe with laces with any embellishments or design elements that stand out. Opt for a bow tie with the same finish as that of the jacket lapel. If you are wearing a cummerbund or a waistcoat ensure that the pleats are face up. To complete the formal look, you can use cufflinks, a lapel pin, a pocket square or even a silk scarf, especially if it’s a winter wedding.

Semi-Formal Weddings

This is the most popular dress code specified nowadays and also your safest bet in case nothing has been mentioned. Definitely not as formal as a black tie, it, however, is by no means, casual. While you need to dress conservatively, you should not look as if you have dropped in after attending office because that comes across as being very stuffy and unoriginal. By all means wear a two piece dark suit if you do not want the formality of a three-piece, though, during the summer and daytime, it is perfectly acceptable to sport a lighter suit. The shirt should be a solid color, even an unobtrusive pattern or a toned down jacquard. Needless to say, you need to ensure that the shirt is clean and crisp and the collar stiff and sharp.

Wearing Oxfords is a very good choice to accentuate a semi-formal look though you can also consider monk straps if you want a bolder look. Do not depart from black or brown shades and make sure that the shoes are in good condition, clean and shiny. Highlight the semi-formal look with knitted ties and pocket squares but don’t go overboard with bold colors – play around with textures instead for a classier look. You can pick up a smart tungsten ring from an online retailer like Men’s Wedding that will start quite a few conversations.

Smart Casual Weddings

Smart casual wedding dress codes are increasingly becoming popular because it allows guests to relax their dress standards to a great extent while still ensuring that they do not run riot. The essence of this style is being comfortable while still being stylish and projecting a laid-back attitude. A wedding with a smart casual dress code is just the opportunity for taking a welcome break from dark conservative formal suits with some bold colors and patterns that sit up and beg to be noticed. The jacket and the trousers need not be color coordinated and you can opt for some saturated colors and wear them as separates. If the jacket is colorful, make sure that the trouser is relatively sober for the best effect. You can go ahead and experiment with some really colorful shirts. Don’t go overboard with the shoes; casual shoes are perfectly okay but make sure that they are comfortable and clean.


Whatever be the stated or expected dress code, take care to restrain yourself and not go in for anything that may be interpreted as too much. Even when being casual, it is better not to go really wild. After all, the main intention is to look smart and not become more of a showstopper than the bride or the groom.

women's Jewelry

5 Remarkable Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Beautiful jewelry is one of the most prized possessions of women. The glitter and shine that come with jewelry are a unique way to display a woman’s signature look. Jewelry is also known for adding that extra style and elegance to their personality.

Many women have a wishlist of their dream jewelry pieces to flaunt on special occasions. The glamor of buying and owning jewelry is loved by many women.

The following pieces are highly sought after by women looking to add to their jewelry collection:

Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are women’s best friend. This classic saying about diamonds is well justified when it comes to the brilliance they provide to women. A diamond necklace, therefore, makes a big impact on every occasion. It transcends your style to the next level.

Diaomond Necklace Jewelry PiecesA Gold Chain


A nice chain of gold is an essential jewelry box element. Any woman wearing a perfect gold chain looks very elegant and beautiful. There are different styles and designs these chains can come up with. It can be layered up in a mismatched way to give a bohemian touch or a  single bold jewelry piece. Irrespective of its style and design, a gold chain always succeeds in making you feel special.

Gold Chain Jewelry PiecesA Strand of Pearls


The feeling of beauty to a woman wearing pearls are simply irresistible as they go beyond skin deep. The beauty of pearls is so classic that it can never be out of style. A shining strand of pearls is something that gives women an exquisitely sophisticated look. Worn with a simple black dress, a strand of pearls is always a fabulous choice. 

Strand Of Pearls Jewelry PiecesDiamond Studs


The diamond studs are classic and essential jewelry piece for every girl. These sparkling studs are able to make any woman the center of attraction. The beauty of these small studs is they instantly elevate your look. Many women consider them an ideal jewelry piece that can be used for every occasion. Many movie stars are also seen accessorizing with diamond studs, which give them an extra touch of glamor.

Diamond Studs Jewelry PiecesHoop Earrings


Every woman likes to keep large metallic hoops in their jewelry box. A simple pair of hoops under open hair is one of the coolest styles for women and never fails to impress. This simple jewelry item really looks very pretty as they can complement any dress you wear. You can, therefore, wear them either on formal occasions or with casual outfits like jeans or skirts.

Hoop Earring Jewelry Pieces

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Wedding Photographer in Paris

Wedding Photographer in Paris

Paris is thought of as the city of love and romance and every couple has a desire to go there once in a lifetime. Being proposed in a special place like Paris and getting engaged or married in Paris is certainly like a fairy tale moment and will be remembered for your entire life. This is why there are many couples who are interested in reportage de mariage à Paris. Paris is a very special place to take the most important decision of your life as there is love in the air and getting a Paris wedding photographer services hired, you can make the entire journey even more beautiful and memorable through a very special wedding photo session.

Nowadays there are several photographers in Paris that can make your wedding photo session a dream come true. You can look for the best photographer at which is the best option to get a photo shoot completed in Paris in a very professional way. The photographers here can also help in selecting the best locations in the city so as to make a gorgeous photo session for your wedding day.

Making a reportage de mariage à Paris creates amazing moments for an event that happens once in a lifetime. When you will return home, you will have some precious moments that you have spent with your life partner and it will be cherished lifelong.

By hiring the services of a professional Paris wedding photographer, you can make every moment of your wedding memorable as well as beautiful as they not only have the expertise to capture beautiful moments in a professional way but, they also portray emotions and feelings within every picture. The emotion of love and care is an integral element of very marriage and capturing these emotions in a photo session is the most important aspect of reportage de mariage à Paris.

Wedding photo session is an art. It is not only a way to spend some lovable moments with your partner but, it is also a way to connect one heart with another for a lifetime. A perfect shoot intends to capture all the feelings that a loved one holds within his heart for his partner. Portraying the perfect and pure love between the couple in reportage de mariage à Paris is the main difference between an ordinary and perfect photo shoot.

If you are lucky enough to get your wedding photos clicked in Paris, then, the services of a professional photographer is the most important task you need to do first.  A reportage de mariage à Paris is something that every couple dreams of. So, if you are getting married and wants to make every moment memorable, hiring a professional photography service is the best way to get every event and feelings captured in a picture. Marriage is an event that happens once in a lifetime and making every moment beautiful and memorable can only be possible if you get the event captured by a professional wedding photographer in Paris.

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10 Must Have Spring Fashion Ideas 2017

Spring is just around the corner and your wardrobe might be still having the winter stuff ad clothes. The fashion trends for spring keeps changing each year but some authentic spring must-haves remain same over the years. The spring not only brings fresh looks but you can also play with style and fashion., Here we brought 10 must-haves for spring fashion ideas 2017.

1.    Floral prints:

The floral prints are the must-haves for spring, no matter how much time passes. These cool prints include soft shades and light flow fabric which allows your body breath and comfortable to wear as well. These prints can be used in shirts, skirts, jackets, capes, shoes, bags and scarf etc.

2. Skirts:

Skits are a good fashion option for day, evening and night. The flow skirts are not only very comfortable to wear but also provide you a chic look with style. You can choose different lengths and styles of skirts according to your liking and personal style. It is one of the best spring fashion ideas you should try.

3. Chiffon scarf:

A good scarf can be used in different ways and can be turned into a cape as well. Wear your chiffon scarf as you would like, you can buy scarf of different fabrics, colors and prints to accessories your wardrobe all spring long.

4. Trendy shades:

As summer is coming close make sure to protect your eyes from the harmful light. Buy few trendy shades to keep your eye protected as well as add fashion and style to your wardrobe this spring. Keep an eye on new shapes of shades which will keep your style up to date.

5. Cross-body  bags:

As spring comes closer the style of handbags also changes, from large winter handbags to the small cross body bags. Buy one for your wardrobe and style to your spring fashion. You can also use leather or simple cross body bags and also add some printed bags to your style.

spring fashion ideas 2017

6. Strap shoes:

The long boots are gone and light flat shoes and slippers are more “in” in the fashion trend. The strap shoes are not only very comfortable to wear but also let your feet breath in the humidity and hot weather. The strap shoes are best too worn under dresses and skirts which enhance the beauty of your footwear as well.

7. Chiffon tunics:

The chiffon tunics and blouses are must-haves in spring as it goes well with jeans, shorts, and skirts. The chiffon shirts and tunics are best and most comfortable to wear in spring as it adds lots of fashion and style as well as a comfortable wear for all day long spring weather.

8. Light fabric dress:

Short and long dresses are very much “in” in the spring and provide a flow feeling and look. You can have these dresses in light and comfortable fabrics with soft prints to go with your dress. You can always accessorize these dresses and choose style according to your choice and likings. These dresses are very fashionable and chic when worn in spring evenings.

9. Mild shade lipsticks:

As soon as the fashion trend changes in spring, the makeup trend also changes. In winters hot reds are trending in makeup but during spring lights tones of makeup are used to give you a soft and fresh look. Pinks, peaches, and nudes are must haves in spring makeup trend.

10. Funky accessories/ hair accessories:

When you add things to your makeup and wardrobe, don’t forget to include some accessories too. Especially to your hair accessories that can be flower clips to add little flower look in your hairstyle. The funky accessories such as earrings, necklace, and bracelets can add more style and fashion to your spring.

So, you have explore amazing spring fashion ideas. Which one you like to try?

Author Bio:

Fatima is a fashion blogger and designer. She likes to share fashion and style tips with the readers. She also writes about best body shapers.

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wedding photo session at Paris

Careers in the Wedding Industry – Photography, Kerrie Mitchell

It is time for anther focus on careers in the wedding industry and this week’s is the wonderful Kerrie Mitchell.  When I first contacted Kerrie she was worried that her business might be too new to be featured, as she is shooting her first wedding this summer, but I think that Kerrie is showing amazing commitment and determination to getting her business off the ground – a great inspiration to me and I hope it will be for you too.  Kerrie is currently working as a second shooter and building up her portfolio .  So please, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, consider Kerrie, her photos are amazing and she is building up quite an incredible portfolio.

So, over to Kerrie.

And here is the lady herself…Kerrie Mitchell

What did you do before you became a professional photographer?

When I left university I was desperate for a normal job doing 9-5 and having my weekends free. I just wanted a stable and regular income and the idea of freelancing (like we were advised to by our tutors) scared me to no end! However after two years working in an office I became quite bored of the monotonous day to day routine and sent an application off to work as a photographer on cruise ships. I got the job and spent three months in Alaska and three months in Caribbean photographing the ships passengers. It was hard work, but taught me much more than I ever learnt at university and more importantly gave me the confidence to pose people and  approach anyone and ask to take their picture. Since coming home I’ve worked seasonally as a school photographer and have decided that now is the time to go freelance, because I never want to be locked in a office job again!

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I really enjoy taking pictures of people and I know that sounds very cliche, but it honestly is so fun. Most of my shoots recently have been free to build up my portfolio, and this doesn’t even bother me because I enjoy the process so much. Plus the gratitude from clients when they see their pictures is priceless. I’ll never get that in any other job. I decided to start out on my own as a photographer because its hard to get full time employment in a company as a photographer. I’ve been back and forth between seasonal contracts and temp work and just decided that if I love doing this so much it must be possible to do it full time. There are plenty others out there who have made the same jump and are operating small thriving businesses.

A photo that Kerrie has picked that encapsulates her style: “I pulled a photo from my rock the frock shoot for this. I have a fashion inspired approach to photography and I think this picture conveys that perfectly. I love the colours, and the use of props to tell a story. Thats what I feel my style is developing into; colour, fashion and stories.”

What is it that you particularly love about photographing weddings?

Strangely, I think it’s the pressure! You’re there recording and recording the most important day of a couples lives. I feel really lucky that a bride and groom believe in you so much to invite you along and capture the emotion and excitement of that day for them.

What has been your biggest challenge in setting up on your own?

Where do I start? It’s all been a challenge! Getting my head around the business aspects of becoming full time has been hard, I have a very creative head so when it comes to numbers and figures I’ve been so disheartened. Luckily I’ve been on free business courses to get help with the behind the scenes stuff such as writing my business plan. I’ve also found it so hard to reach clients, it’s easy to say “ok I’m going to run my own photography business” but until you have clients you’re nothing. I’ve been tirelessly networking on Facebook and Twitter to get my name out there, and now it is starting to pay off. I’m still very far off being able to support myself though!

What is the best bit about your job?

I like that I only have myself to answer too. I have complete creative freedom with how my pictures are taken and processed. I have a fashion inspired approach to my photography as fashion editorials in magazines were what first grabbed my attention back in school and college and its stick with me. I really love colour and keeping things simple and I try to make my photos ‘pop’ out from the page. However meeting new people is by far the best bit, each person I photograph is individual and I love that no two photo sessions (or weddings) will ever be the same. That beats 9-5 office monotony any day!

A Recent Favourite of Kerrie’s:  ”This was haaaarrrrrrrd work! I’ve been working a lot recently with teenagers and offering on location photo shoots, this may not be perfect for your audience but still communicates my style of photography. This photo of Sophie was the first teen shoot I did and as soon as I took it I was blown away and excited to carry on with the project. Teenagers love having their pictures taken, and there isn’t much out there marketed towards them. With this picture in particular I adore the whole aesthetic the way she is dressed, the urban landscape and the way the towers behind her are blurred, but still add some oomph! to the picture.”

What piece of advice would you give to anyone else wanting to become a wedding photographer?

Practice as much as you can. I’ve been working for free assisting, making my friends pose for me and even casting models for photo shoots just to get some work for my portfolio. It’s all been great experience too and is a great way of seeing if you are really cut out for doing it full time. Also network as much as possible, get your name out there on Twitter and Facebook and tell everyone you know what you’re up to, you never know who they may know.

Isn’t she lovely?  Massive fan of her and her photography.  Now if you get a few minutes it would be great if you could help Kerrie out by completing her questionnaires on wedding and or/ portrait photography:

And just to finish the post I wanted to share some more of the shots from Kerrie’s Rock the Frock shoot, because I think they are gorgeous…

And keep an eye out for more of Kerrie’s work which will hopefully be hitting these pages very soon!

Visit Kerrie’s website for more beautiful photos.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues Los Angeles: Why Tying the Knot Indoors is Popular in LA

When you’re planning a wedding in Los Angeles, there are plenty of things on your mind. While deciding how many people to have on the guest list, what foods to serve, and which songs will make the final cut, one of the first questions that must be answered is whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. While a Los Angeles wedding sounds like it would be a natural for an outdoor setting such as a beach or a park, the fact is many couples are choosing indoor wedding venues in Los Angeles for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to avoid many annoyances associated with being outside for hours and hours, here are some of the best reasons why you should choose indoor Los Angeles wedding venues.

Too Much Sun

While most of the time it’s great to be outside enjoying the beautiful Los Angeles sunshine, your wedding day may not be the best time for this. Since you’ll probably have guests ranging from young children to grandparents, sitting in the hot sun can make them as well as other guests very uncomfortable and in some cases ill. Along with this, there can also be plenty of glare due to the many decorations that may be around, and some of your guests may also get sunburned from having to sit outside with little or no shade available.

The Wind Beneath Your Wings<

If you’re having an outdoor Los Angeles wedding, the sun may not be the only way Mother Nature gets back at you. Along with being sunburned, you’ll likely have to battle the wind, as it blows everything around and makes it virtually impossible to enjoy the day. Instead of watching your wedding flowers and decorations blowing away into the next county, it’s best to choose indoor wedding venues Los Angeles couples know will let them have the wedding of their dreams.

Flies and Bees

Speaking of wings, if you choose indoor Los Angeles wedding venues for your special day, you’ll be able to avoid having uninvited guests such as flies and bees bothering your guests. In addition to this, you can also be assured your wedding cake, flowers, and other foods won’t have any unexpected surprises in them as you hold them up to your face. After all, nothing spoils a wonderful wedding more so than having Grandma or Grandpa stung by a bee as they’re preparing to eat a piece of wedding cake. Likewise, you don’t want to be walking down the aisle swatting flies away from your face, which needless to say can spoil the moment for you and your groom.

Poor Acoustics for Live Music

If you’re choosing outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles, you’re probably setting yourself up for some musical performances that may not sound their best. Even in the most beautiful of outdoor settings, the acoustics for almost any type of musical performance will be average at best. Rather than taking the chance of hearing your wedding music sound far less desirable than you prefer, make sure you choose wedding venues Los Angeles couples have used in the past that allow wedding day music to sound as special as it should. By doing so, your wedding music will sound great during the ceremony, at the reception, and as you get into your vehicle to head off to your honeymoon.

Noise from Cars or Other People

As you’ve probably figured out by now, there are plenty of things that can go wrong by having your Los Angeles wedding outdoors. However, while the music may not sound good enough, or you and your guests may spend some time getting the flies and bees to go elsewhere, perhaps nothing can spoil a wedding day more so than the noise generated from nearby cars and other people.

Therefore, it’s best to not take the chance and choose a wedding venue that places you near a heavily-traveled road or at a beach or park where virtually anyone can wander by and say anything they want to you and your guests. Just remember, the last thing you’ll want to have on your wedding video is a passerby saying a few words that will need to be bleeped out before it can be shown in mixed company. To avoid this, look around and find indoor Los Angeles wedding venues that will keep this from happening.

Since you want to make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch, it’s a far better idea to tie the knot indoors rather than subject yourself and your guests to the above-mentioned factors that come with an outdoor wedding. So while a beach wedding may be tempting, take the smart and safe approach and choose one of the many beautiful indoor wedding venues in Los Angeles for your special day.

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