Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Being able to contemplate a bouquet of fresh flowers at home is more than a gift. But the ideal would be to be able to lengthen its freshness for much longer and thus prolong those moments of absolute beauty. At WeddingChip we give you some tips to keep the attractiveness of this bouquet of flowers for longer. These are some basic tips with which you will be able to extend the freshness of your fresh flowers. The type of flower and the time of year greatly influence our bouquet of flowers to shine in all its splendor on more days. But there is another series of cares that depend on us: follow these express tips, consult the homemade tricks and prepare to remember your bouquet of flowers forever.

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5 express tips for your flowers as soon as you get home

A beautiful bouquet of flowers has just arrived home. And now that? You would love to keep that moment forever, and immortalize that emotion forever in your heart. To preserve the freshness of your flower bouquet you should focus all your attention on lavishing a few pampering. Take note and apply these five cares to your fresh flowers:

  1. Remove the plastic or paper that wraps your bouquet of fresh flowers.
  2. Cut the stem of each flower diagonally. With a centimeter it will be enough, this way the flowers will have a greater capacity to absorb water.
  3. Choose a glass vase and pour warm water on it.
  4. Try not to leave the leaves submerged in the water. This way you will keep bacteria at bay and your bouquet will be leafy for more days.
  5. Choose a place where the sun’s rays do not enter directly, well lit and cool.

Homemade tricks to extend the life of your bouquet of fresh flowers

After the first express care, it is time to do a little more to ensure that this wonderful bouquet of flowers retains its beauty and freshness for more days. Take note of these tricks and go applying them. You can see how that splendor lasts for weeks.

  • In general, it is advisable to use warm water for most cut flowers. But in the case of roses or bulb flowers, the best option is cold water.
  • With mineral salts you will extend its freshness . Dissolve two aspirins in warm water. When the mixture is completely cold, add it to the vase of your fresh flowers.
  • To prevent bacteria from proliferating and subtracting beauty from your bouquet, you can add two teaspoons of white vinegar for every liter of water.
  • The sugar also serves as food for flowers. Dissolve two tablespoons in the water change. You will see how your flowers are shown with more vigor.
  • If it is a very hot time, you can vaporize the petals with a little fresh water. Do it about 10 centimeters from the flowers.
  • Make sure that the flowers are not too tight between them. Try to have room for air to circulate. Depending on the size of the vases you choose, it may be best to divide the bouquet of flowers into two vases.
  • In most cases your flowers are accompanied by food for flowers. A sachet to give life to your flowers and extend their beauty. Use it!
  • The change of water is a vital care to prolong the life of your bouquet. Do it at most every three days. If it is daily, your bouquet will thank you.
  • Try to avoid drafts. Avoid that your flower bouquet is close to heating or air conditioning devices.

Tips to always remember your bouquet of flowers

With these tips and homemade tricks you will be able to enjoy your bouquet of fresh flowers for a longer time. But since miracles do not exist, after a few weeks, your bouquet will begin to show signs of less freshness. Before that happens, we encourage you to capture the beauty of your flowers and remember them with emotion forever:

  • Take photos of your flowers and share those images with whoever you want.
  • Contemplate snapshots from time to time. Select and print the photos of your flowers to decorate the walls of your house. You will be inspired just by looking at them.
  • Give flowers and spread the excitement of giving and receiving fresh flowers.

And remember, on a special occasion , the best gift is to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers at home. With these tips, tricks and tips, fresh flowers will bring color and joy to any space for weeks.

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8 Ideas For An Interactive And Fun Wedding

How to make a wedding interactive and fun? How to involve guests on the wedding day?

They are doubts that often haunt future spouses, that’s why I decided to give you some ideas!

During the wedding it is essential to create ideas for interaction between the spouses and guests , the interaction will be one of the reasons why the wedding will be remembered.

Making your wedding fun will not necessarily be expensive, on the contrary, creative brides who love DIY can really indulge themselves!

Looking for a sample wedding reception program? Check out our guideline on the site!

1. The guestbook

Organize a fun guestbook: from polaroids to puzzles there are many ideas to make the ice break among the wedding guests.

If you want some inspiration read the article: The wedding guestbook

2. Activities while waiting for the spouses

While the guests are waiting for your arrival, it might be nice to leave them some conversation : for how long have you known the bride and where did you meet her?

Or have the guests fill out tips for a happy couple’s life!

With this system you could also organize the creation of time capsules which will then be opened during the wedding anniversaries.

3. Signs

Communicate with your guests through signs with useful and nice indications.

4. The photobooth

It is the interactive corner of the wedding par excellence. Organize it in every detail!

If you want some inspiration for the photobooth read the article: How to set up the photobooth for the wedding

5. Games

The ball remains on the top of the entertainment but can introduce variants offering of games suitable for adults and children, organizing maybe brief challenges.

6. Social Media

Encourage the use of social networks to share the most beautiful moments of the wedding by creating a hashtag dedicated to your day

7. Wedding Camera

Insert the wedding rooms for your guests in the wedding bag, or place them directly on the refreshment tables. This way you can keep all the photos they took on non-digital media!

8. Greetings

End your reception with a special greeting that includes all guests: you can decide, for example, to launch flying lanterns or bright balloons together with the guests!

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How to choose the wedding music to make it a success?

How to choose the wedding music to make it a success? … We have also asked this question in Wedding Trends, and to answer it we contacted Irigo Castellanos, responsible for one of the most important music and animation companies, Giving you Rhythm . We talk to him and these are the recommendations he leaves us.

Preparing the music is a fundamental part of making the wedding a success. Many times couples focus on decoration, catering, clothing, flowers, etc., and neglect everything related to the dance. I have always considered that many guests remembered a wedding not -only- because of how beautiful it was or how well they ate, but because of how well they had in general that day. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the music for the entire wedding in advance (beyond the repertoire of the ceremony ).

For this, and for the celebration to be a total success, I bring you a series of tips for choosing the wedding music  that will help you so that all your guests enjoy themselves in a big way.

Tips for choosing wedding music.

1. Preparing the music is not about sending an extensive list to the DJ.

Yes, you do nothing by sending an extensive list to put songs one after another. It is a mistake in which many couples fall. A good DJ is the one who interprets the dance floor well and sees what is needed at all times; not the one that just puts a list just. Remember, the virtue of a good musical selection and a good DJ is in adapting the songs to the taste of the guests – and the bride and groom – as the party unfolds.

2. Tell the DJ what songs and music styles you like.

You have to take into account that if your tastes are very peculiar you will have to be more flexible when it comes to indicating your preferences. Many times it is easier to pass the style or songs to the DJ that you cannot bear, than to tell them –all of it– what you have to put on.

3. Let it be noticed that the music is personalized.

It is important to indicate to the DJ your songs or essential song that characterizes you: the song that you danced with your friends from college, the song that you met, the one that you never stop singing, etc. It will also help to know the DJ what that song means to you, so you can put it at the right time.

4. To choose the entrance song of the bride and groom to the banquet …

The best thing is that you previously put yourself in a situation and see how you want to enter the banquet. For example, if one of the bride and groom is shy and does not see himself bouncing in, putting on a very lively song can make him have a bad time. Think about it!

5. By the time of delivery of the bridal bouquet …

Our advice is to try to find a song that arouses emotions in the person – or people – to whom you deliver your bouquet. This will be a very special moment.

6. For the cocktail moment…

During the cocktail it is always intended to create a relaxed atmosphere, so it is necessary to take care of the smallest detail, both visually (decoration, lighting, etc.), and auditory. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a style of ambient music according to the space, whether live or not.

7. Think about lighting the dance floor.

It is essential to think about the lighting that the dance floor will have (or where it will take place) and choose it based on that space. A disco lighting, for example, what it provides is an impression of movement and therefore a more lively feeling on the track.

8. The dance is the time to fully enjoy the wedding.

This is our last tip, and for me the most important: dancing is the time to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. During the cocktail and the banquet the bride and groom have spent their time greeting and taking photos with all their guests, so in the dance you have to let go of your hair and enjoy yourself. It is very noticeable when the bride and groom are on the dance floor and when they are not. They are the protagonists of the wedding and the track requires their presence and rhythm.

Find more info here: Music Express

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Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd

The Persian wedding, which follows back to the conventions of Zoroastrianism, is considered one of the foremost vital occasions in Persian culture. The Persian wedding determines from Persian culture and, in many regards, that culture determines from Zoroastrianism. What sets Persian weddings separated from other wedding ceremonies is their tradition-infused ceremony. The Persian wedding is wealthy, with ancient traditions and staggering details. When it comes to the wedding, all colleagues are welcomed to the service. There will be a luxurious devour and celebration, and ordinarily, they have families save no costs.

Anybody who has ever gone to a Persian wedding has seen the excellent points of interest and extravagance that goes into the décor and vision. These ceremonies are arranged exceptionally carefully, and even though couples who are getting hitched presently may be exceptionally distinctive than couples were hundreds of a long time back, it is still exceptionally imperative to most of them to honor convention by remaining genuine to the social Persian wedding ceremony. Because of the Traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd, the Persian wedding ceremony has remained mostly the same over the centuries. This ceremony is made up of two parts: the Aghd celebration and the gathering. To make these events full of joy without any stress, Sofreh Aghd Rental services can be hired.

Sofreh Aghd Descriptions

Maybe the first vital component of a conventional Persian ceremony, the Sofreh Aghd, speaks to parts and gifts for the couple’s unused life together. Like numerous, the Iranians have different devout foundations, but being a social ceremony component, the Sofreh Aghd is utilized notwithstanding of religion and went with by the Mokhaddeh (the bride and groom’s seating).

The sofreh aghd could be a conventional wedding ceremony spread where legitimate marriage and ceremonial conventions are traded. The formal gatherings have been practiced for thousands of a long time, and sofreh aghd ranges are more often than not exceptionally standard at Persian weddings. There are numerous typical things in which make up the sofreh aghd spread, all in which speak to a component of the couple’s unused life and marriage together. The word “sofreh” implies “spread” and “aghd” implies “ceremony.” While most point to keep the conventional components of the sofreh plan, each sofreh is one of a kind in its possess and planned around the bride and groom’s fashion. Each sofreh aghd program has conventional must-haves, be that as it may, based on the taste and budget of the couple, a few sofreh plans are more expansive and perplexing than others and a few may be more straightforward and downplayed than others.

Family encompasses a massive part in Iranian culture. Indeed, to this day, most Iranians are significantly family-centered, and it plays a significant role in their individual lives. For numerous, it might appear as well as much. But you ought to bear in intellect that youthful Iranians are still altogether upheld by their families, whether fiscally or candidly. Consequently, Iranian families get a part of say in their children’s wedding, and they have an excellent pardon for it. In present-day Iran, Persian marriages have ended up tremendous commerce. Individuals go over the edge to have royalty-like weddings, whether interior Iran or overseas. For most weddings, at slightest 300 individuals are welcomed.

Photography & Video

5 tips to go well in the wedding video Sydney

The day is approaching; they are made a bunch of nerves and can not help it: it is the most important celebration of their lives and they may not feel prepared. Quiet, nobody is, but with these simple tips, the camera will be your best ally.

Of course, every couple wants to go very well in the video and it is not for less: it is one of the happiest days of their lives. The day they will get married, their thoughts of love will be very solid, but their pulse and tranquility may not be so strong. The camera will record every important moment of the celebration and it is necessary that its protagonists look the best, always with naturalness and sympathy. A common fear is that Wedding Videographer Sydney take their worst angles or look ridiculous when doing their first spouse dance or when they split the wedding cake. The good news is that going well in the video is not impossible. Here we leave several tips for you to achieve it. 

1. Meet the video staff

Yes! Sit down to talk with them about what they want and share their concerns. This will break the tension that usually exists, not so much with those who record, but with the camera. Take the opportunity to ask them how close the lens of their movements will be and at what times to reassure them of knowing what will happen. Do not hesitate to ask them to tell you what will be the intensity of the light they will have at least in the main shots such as the toast, the dance of husbands, the launch of the artificial bridal bouquet and the message of thanks. You will see that a smile of complicity will let you know that things are going on wheels.

2. Act naturally

Trying to act when it has never or rarely been done does not lead to anything good. They should keep in mind that while they will be the protagonists of the event with their elegant outfits, the video is not a test to throw them to stardom.

It is best to relax, have confidence in yourself, act normal, as always, and not hide the excitement generated by having taken this great step that initially represented your engagement ring in white gold and will soon consecrate your wedding rings. If you follow this advice, you will look better than pretending to pose all the time.

3. Exploit your good side

It will always be easier to show skills than weaknesses, so think of all the good things in your favor. In addition to giving them greater security before the camera, it will make them lovely. Therefore, they exploit that profile that favors them, that smile that melts anyone, the beautiful figure that highlights the mermaid-cut wedding dress, its sympathy and elegance. Do not forget to give all this information to the video team so they know how to approach you and become your best accomplices.

4. Be spontaneous

Their arrival at the altar, the moment of “yes, I accept” or the first dance as spouses are moments in which they will inevitably feel moved and there will be no place for performances, so let the feelings flow and let the camera take care of the rest . Their spontaneity will be the best role they have played on the big day.

5. Don’t be afraid to smile

No, don’t be afraid to surprise the camera and smile at it, because it’s about your moment, your happiness and your most natural feelings. If you realize that the camera is “watching” you while taking advantage of the wedding candy table , do not be sad to dedicate the best of your smiles, it will be the best evidence of the joy that invades them at that time.

Your wedding video will not need a thousand and one shots. It’s not a commercial, it’s not a movie that will win an Oscar and they don’t have to impress anyone. It will be a kind of documentary that will record the expected wedding celebration minute by minute, so the best advice is to enjoy every moment and select a video provider that makes you feel comfortable.

The emotions that will accompany them from the moment they get ready to arrive presentable with the wedding dress and the tuxedo, until they leave more than in love with the location for their honeymoon, they deserve to be captured in a genuine way. Therefore, the naturalness of each moment will be the most faithful reflection of everything that happened on this day that with so much love they are preparing.

Photography & Video

5 tips to choose our wedding photographer Sydney, write down the key points!

In the photographs, all the most special moments of your wedding will be immortalized. Pay attention to these tips to choose the ideal photographer to capture your essence and the most beautiful details of each session. Ready to find it?

A photograph is a unique moment, a drop of time frozen forever, through which you can see the past. Finding the ideal photographer for your wedding is crucial, as your images will immortalize the love thoughts of the ceremony, the bridal styling and wedding hairstyles, as well as every detail of the decoration, from the wedding centerpieces to the linens. Take note of what you need to consider in order hiring your wedding photographer Sydney and start getting your album ready.

1. Know your photographer

Before hiring the services of a photographer, meet in person those who have in mind. Chemistry and a good relationship are essential to build trust and feel relaxed in all sessions. It is important that you listen to the experiences and knowledge of your photography provider, in addition to reviewing your portfolio.

You can also check if you have any specialty, such as gastronomic photography, artistic photography or portraits. The style of your wedding will also help you define your priorities: will one of the protagonists of your album be the wedding fondant cake, the nature of your location or the bridal looks?

Ask your photographer or your team of professionals the materials they work with, the techniques they use and the formats and resolutions in which they will deliver their material. Your photographer must not only have technical knowledge, he must also capture the essence of the couple, from the modern wedding dress or the groom’s suit to the most romantic kisses and looks.

2. Clear information like water

The information about the hours of service, materials, prices and delivery times must be clear for both you and the photographer. When you look for your lens artists, expose all your doubts, have creative talks and pay attention to the information and advice with which your sessions can be enriched.

Remember that respect is the basis of the perfect relationship with the service and product providers involved in your wedding. Be open and cordial in your conversations with photographers and other providers.

Find out if your wedding photographer Sydney can offer you any promotions, multi-session packages or photo and video in various formats. In addition to economizing, the images of the engagement ring and those will have the same quality.

3. Photo sessions: plan them or get carried away?

There are many types of photography sessions: engagement, informal to show the best of your relationship, photos with the family or wedding procession, the traditional formal session, the trash the Dress , photos of personal arrangements and the first look … Each one will add details of their romance and personality to the wedding.

Some couples have the concept of their photographs well defined for a long time, so when it comes time to meet with your photographer, there is nothing left but to present the proposal. However, it is also valid to be guided by your artist, since he or she has experience in both the realization and the creative process. Be inspired by the royal wedding section and the advice of to choose the sessions you want from your B day and design your own style.

In both formal and casual sessions, creativity and professionalism must flow. Remember that natural postures look better than the poses tested and surely your photographer can propose some flattering angles.

4. What does a photographer see in an image?

In addition to the essence of the photo, photographers look closely at the lighting, the quality of the images and the camera angles. These are some aspects that should be taken into account when reviewing the portfolio. Also consider the certifications and even the recognitions your potential photographers have: remember that only certified professionals will guarantee satisfactory service.

Do not forget that the photos of your sessions and the wedding can be included in the original wedding invitations, save the dates, the wedding website and even in the thank you notes. They can also be exhibited in the toast or as part of the decoration of the reception. Of course, the photos will be kept in your wedding albums, so don’t stop until you find a photographer that meets all your needs.

5. Options and references

In addition to evaluating originality, style, technique and quality in their candidates, they can request references to their former clients and review the blogs, magazines and websites in which they participated. Do not forget to visit the Community of and the directory of providers to read opinions and recommendations of couples who, like you, sought and found the best for their wedding. After Day B, value your photographer’s services to help other couples make the best decision.

Your photographer’s search is as important as the selection of your wedding theme, the design of your wedding invitations, the type of lighting and the choice of wedding flowers that will decorate the reception. Review all the profiles you need and enjoy the creative process to the fullest.

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7 Tips to Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding

How difficult life would be without music, right? The notes of the songs we hear have a very powerful influence on us. They make us excited. They transport us around the world without planes. They lower our inspiration when we are creating. They give us the strength we need in those last minutes of spinning. They even animate a dull party. But, above all, they evoke lived moments. Therefore, such an important aspect on your wedding day you cannot leave it to chance. And better to follow the following tips so that the melodies that sound are indicated, perfect for each special moment.

Choose songs that represent you

There are millions of songs and endless musical genres that is also what makes music special. We all feel identified with a specific style, nobody is excluded, and we have a playlist of our life. Therefore, the first thing you should do is look in your subconscious all those songs that define you and those that have formed the soundtrack of your relationship by looking back. What did it sound like when you first saw each other? What is the song that you didn’t get out of your head on that special trip together? We all have songs that remind us of specific people and moments, by their lyrics, their meaning or the moment they rang.

A type of music for every moment

Almost as important as what is when. There are moments at the wedding that require quieter music , such as at the banquet, so that guests can enjoy food while enjoying a conversation between them; and situations that are to give everything, such as the party, and we do not want attendees to fall asleep or get bored.

The first dance song

And speaking of occasions, there is no musical moment more characteristic in any wedding than the couple’s first dance. Perhaps you have been practicing a spectacular choreography worthy of the concert of a rock star for months or you prefer a slow dance stuck feeling each note. Now, that is the moment of your great bet when all loved ones will be watching you and waiting to guess what the theme will be next: yours most special song.

Guests are also part of the day.

Although it is your day it never hurts to think about all the attendees of the event. A wedding is a celebration of love, not only with your partner also towards your sister, family or friends of a lifetime. It can be a very good idea to choose special songs also among you to make them part, more if possible, of this union and a unique opportunity to tell and show you how much you value those people who are part of your day  to day. Let you advise by professionals like 22DUO who know, according to the style you ask, what kind of music to play, because their experience has shown them what is best.

Live music

It goes without saying that there is nothing better for a wedding or any special event than live music, more humane, with more nuances and feelings than if we listen to it through a cold electronic device. There is a lot of talent in the world of music and it will not cost you to find an experienced duo that will liven up the evening.

In line with the theme of the wedding

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that music contributes decisively and actively in generating the atmosphere and atmosphere you desire for this very significant day. Look for a playlist that is consistent with the theme and style you want to give the celebration taking into account the space, the decoration and every detail; and so the professionals that you choose for musical themes, can guide you much better.

You can also be inspired by the soundtracks of movies that have the same style that you want for your wedding.

Let you advice

And finally, and more importantly, listen to the recommendations of the professionals. If you opt for musicians, they will not only play and sing for all the guests on one of the most important days of your life, they will also help you in choosing the repertoire and at the technical level in the sound for everything to be perfect.

For more details please visit: wedding live band singapore

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Hair Extension: 5 Tips to Follow before You Start

To go from short to long in a few hours, impossible? We prove that thanks to the hair extensions, you will get a bluffing result with 5 tips to follow if you hesitate to start.

Trust a professional

Even if more and more methods flourish to allow you to put your own extensions at home, it is better to hand over to a professional (or at least a girlfriend who is a follower of the practice) for a result to the nearest of your expectations.

A hairdresser specialized in extensions can offer you different processes to find the one that will allow you to live your extensions to the daily.

What to pay attention when choosing its extensions?

The extensions, it’s like everything: you will find all the prices, all the qualities … It’s up to you to know what you are looking for in your extensions. If you want a quality work, bet on quality extensions themselves (natural hair, especially Asian or Indian hair) for a more natural result.

The method (weaving, clip, glue …) will be defined by the person who will ask you the extensions: the clipping is faster to ask but takes less well in time than the glue with keratin. The weaving remains the most natural method but it is long enough to achieve.

How to maintain its extensions?

Extensions, a wound to maintain? Not anymore! Thanks to advances in the field, extensions are no more difficult to maintain than your natural hair. No need to change your shampoo or your washing frequency: just think to massage the roots without pressing too much.

Use a detangler on the lengths and comb your hair when rinsing: this gesture will help avoid knots and enjoy a neat hair.

Are all hairstyles allowed with extensions?

Want a smooth blow-dry or a beautiful curly hair thanks to your extensions? Nothing prevents you from styling them as if they were your own hair, especially if your extensions consist of natural hair. Permanent and colorations are also possible with the extensions provided that the installation times are respected.

Is there a risk for my real hair?

Of course, anything that will affect your hair (colorations, discolorations, perms…) can damage the integrity of your hair by aggressive care. The extensions are no exception: the added strands can prevent your real hair from breathing because they act like a foreign body.

Fragile and damaged, your natural hair may seem weak when you remove the extensions. Better to limit the damage, put only a few wicks to bring length and thickness without wicking the whole head.

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5 Tips to Choose a Quality Engagement Ring at the Best Price

It’s finally the long-awaited moment, the engagement! And who says engagement … said ring obviously. You naturally dream of a ring worthy of the greatest stars, most likely diamond, and symbol par excellence of the commitment to love. However, the choice is not always so obvious and one of the first limits to reach this dream is still often the price. How to buy a quality luxury jewelry engagement ring at a competitive price? We list the tips for choosing your dream engagement ring at a reasonable price without sacrificing product quality!

1- Buy online

Today, the purchase on the internet has entered the modes of consumption. Internet offers a wide choice and above all, the ability to search and compare. Buy online her engagement ring allows you to compare prices and access a wide choice of models to find the engagement ring of her dreams. Rates are often more competitive than in stores due to access to specialists who are only present online and benefit from the best rates due to the elimination of intermediaries. There is often a wealth of valuable information – most of the time not found in stores! – to make the most informed choice possible: weight, number of carats of gold and precise quality of the diamond, etc. Moreover, sites specialized in high quality products offer many guarantees such as the guarantee “satisfied or refunded”: you can therefore try your ring quietly before returning if it does not suit you. We offer the best quality at the best price.

2- Adapt the titration of gold and the weight of diamonds

The price of an engagement ring varies according to the stone but also the type of metal. Yellow gold or white gold, we must first know what is the taste of the future bride to offer him an exceptional jewel. It should also be kept in mind that the price of gold remaining high, it is possible to reduce the cost of the ring by moving towards 9-carat items, more accessible and still the best effect.

Same thing for the diamond! It is sometimes better to opt for a smaller gemstone but better, an idea that 56% of women share, according to a survey conducted in 2014 by a great jeweler. Choosing a diamond of very good quality with a slightly lower, the realized economy is often significant. Nobody will really see the difference in size, but your wallet will thank you.

3- Choose a gemstone rather than a diamond

The diamond is the stone most frequently sought after during an engagement. Outside, there is no law or rule in this area. There are other stones that we do not think about first that are as pretty and less expensive as quartz, tourmaline, sapphire, emerald … Like Kate Middleton, you can also opt for an ornate engagement ring a sapphire, which will match your alliance just as well when you wear it on your finger in a few months!

4- Choose a less conventional form

Although more than 50% of French women say they prefer a solitary engagement ring, it should not be a generality. The more original, more sought-after and more graphic forms are to be explored and can also better match the personality and lifestyle of the future bride. A ring set with a big diamond inevitably costs a lot more than the same jewel with several diamonds for the same carat weight. It is therefore possible to move towards other forms, less conventional but equally elegant, to lighten the price of the engagement ring.

5- Limit the intermediaries

Like any industry, the jewelry industry can have many intermediaries before the engagement ring is found on the bride’s finger. By limiting the number of intermediaries, the price of jewelry is inevitably reduced. This is because we are your only intermediary, because we work directly with diamond dealers that we can make you benefit from exceptional rates. For example, for an exceptional engagement ring, white gold, 6 claw setting and 1 carat diamond HSI quality, we can offer you jewelry more than 2 times cheaper than our competitors. And we bring you the proof!

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Dry Hire Wedding Venue Checklist: 10 Things to Consider

We are currently on the very long drive back from the most epic wedding in the South of France!

The stunning chateau venue required careful, precise planning and preparation, along with a lot of woman and man power to bring everything to life from scratch. Whether it’s simply a self-catering holiday let or a marquee in a beautiful meadow setting, a ‘dry hire’ venue requires a very different approach to planning and often styling too.

Attention to detail and a sensible focus on logistics are required in order to pull off the perfect celebration without any hiccups. It’s important to remember that you may not have everything you need already available on site, as you would at a hotel or a venue which offers packages and an in-house team, for example.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you my top tips for what should be considered if you are thinking of or have already booked a dry hire venue for your big day. This is a thorough piece and includes lots of pointers and suggestions – but please don’t let this put you off considering a dry-hire venue. Dry hire venues offer a fantastic opportunity for those couples who really want full control and flexibility over their wedding venue north wales. Let’s dive in…


It’s a common misconception that you will save money hiring a field/meadow/private home or other blank canvas space for your wedding or event. Often it is considered a budget-friendly option as the initial venue hire fee will be lower than most, but it would be a mistake to think that going dry hire is an ideal solution for a low-cost wedding.

There are potentially many additional requirements when starting completely from scratch at a venue with potentially no staff, furniture, suitable lighting and sometimes toilets etc. It’s really important to factor these things in when calculating your overall budget and being sure not to forget anything which may have otherwise come included as standard within the hire cost at other venues.

The costs can, if left unchecked, take you by surprise, and outsourcing these things separately isn’t necessarily cheaper overall. That said, the dry hire option absolutely does enable you to put your own personal and creative stamp on your wedding day with much greater ease, and often provides flexibility for you to work with suppliers of your own choice (rather than the ones a venue may insist you work with).


Unlike a hotel or all-inclusive style venue with a team of staff, you will probably need to organise this separately, either via your caterer or sometimes by yourself or with your wedding planner’s help via an agency or similar.

I recommend you consider the staff hours required across the entire event, not just for waiting tables, but for laying them, washing up, serving from the bar, clearing waste and carefully re-packing any cutlery, crockery and glassware you may have hired.

Try to be as clear as possible about each person’s role. The lines can often become blurred at a dry hire venue, between what the catering team should be doing vs your coordinator if you have one vs any outside staff and other suppliers. It’s vital that this is predetermined and that all involved are on the same page for everything to run seamlessly. This is something your wedding planner would be able to ensure, delegating appropriately and avoiding a case of ‘too many cooks’ or worse still, any nasty tasks ending up being left to you on your wedding day.


You will probably need to hire in most things at a dry hire venue, so tables and chairs, cutlery, crockery, glasses, a cake stand, props, décor and so on.

Think about what your venue does/doesn’t include before you commit to booking and consider if you can afford it. Consider the hire terms of each item and if companies are offering delivery only or setup also. Some key things to consider at this stage:-

  • Who will actually put the furniture and everything else in place if they don’t?
  • Is any styling included?
  • Are the caters bringing trestle tables to work from and huge plastic washing up bowls or do they expect you to have sourced these?
  • Will they need a catering tent with an oven and refrigeration if you’re planning a marquee wedding or is there a suitable kitchen on site already?
  • Do you have enough chairs for the ceremony and your meal, or will they need moving from one space to the other during your drinks reception?

Setup & De-Rig

One of the key things to find out from your venue is about access. Generally, you will have a little longer to get setup at a dry hire venue, with some dry hire venues even allowing you to begin set up a few days before the event itself. Hooray!

Ask how long you will have to dismantle everything and clear the site following the wedding day too and ensure your wedding planner is aware of how long you might need them to manage the preparations, and uninstallation, and that this has been factored into their quote. Is someone on hand to remove all props and décor at the end of the night or very first thing in the morning if the venue expects this? Who will return all the hire items?

Is there a team on board for any heavy lifting or ladder climbing? It’s the last thing you’ll want to be doing on the wedding day itself and if your bridal party have said they are willing to help, will they still feel like this on the day? Do you want to handle the prep in the days leading up or would you prefer to relax and enjoy the social elements of the days prior to your wedding day instead? Who will be overseeing the turnaround of venue spaces mid-event if required?


Check to see if there is clear, designated parking area at your venue. If not, it is key to make clear where both suppliers and wedding guests should unload and leave their vehicles. Trust me, it’s a touch frustrating when there are unsightly cars parked all over the place when you’re trying your best to get those pre-wedding set-up shots for Instagram.

See if an usher, coordinator or member of staff will take on the role of directing cars to park in a certain spot and make sure they stay on top of this. It’s often difficult to stop any slipping through the net if someone is trying to do one million other jobs at the same time, so it’s always a good idea to give someone reliable this one and only job if it’s important to you to keep certain areas clear. A sign often helps!


Will your venue need portable toilets hired in? Are you happy to provide something basic or will you prefer luxury? Consider the cost. Where will they go? Is there a suitable discreet location, which is still practical for guests to access and easy to find, with appropriate lighting at night and access to power? Is there an option to have an attendant to keep them clean and tidy and replace loo roll?

Lighting & Power

Lighting can have a significant impact on the ambience and vibe of your event and obviously has practical advantages too. Think about any areas that will need lighting for safety and also what kind of vibe you’re after for your party. Would soft, warm festoon lighting for a late al fresco wedding meal lend itself well to creating your desired atmosphere? Is mellow candlelight your thing? Will the band or DJ be supplying lighting for dancing or will they need you to look into this on their behalf? Will you have any food stations or other areas of interest that need lighting to draw guests over to them?

Does the caterer and band/DJ or anyone else need power? Will you need a generator, how much will the fuel cost and will you have enough supply? Who will be responsible for this if something goes wrong? We would always highly recommend having a technician present or on call for the duration of your event, just in case!


Signage is a fun and fabulous way to communicate easily with guests, directing them to certain areas of the venue or give instructions where needed.

It’s no secret that we love to commission bespoke signage for our couples. It’s one of our favourite things to design and it often makes a fun, personal keepsake, whilst again also serving a practical purpose as well. Dry hire venues where everything may be more spread out with no obvious directions already provided will often be in need of it most.

Waste Removal

Will the caterer be removing waste from the venue? Just food waste or recycling etc. too? How about flower waste? Will the florist be returning to uninstall and remove flowers or is this your responsibility to take care of after the event? Check what’s been included in the quote from your floral designer. What are the requirements of the venue in this regard?


We plan a lot of destination weddings in warmer countries and at these in particular, ice for cooling drinks always seems to be an issue. Can ice be delivered and is there somewhere to store it? How quickly will it melt if it’s hot and drinks are being served in the sun? Is there ample fridge/freezer space at your venue or will you need to hire in industrial equipment or have your caterer bring along a refrigerated vehicle? Is there space in the fridge for your cake designer to leave your cake until it can be placed later, if the outside temperature is not conducive to buttercream!?

So there you have it lovelies. I have tried to be as helpful as possible using my knowledge and experience of working at many dry hire venues myself.

Working as part of your own team (your husband/wife to be, your friends, relatives) makes organising a dry-hire wedding more fun and enjoyable. Most of the time you’ll find people really do want to help with wedding prep – they take pleasure and feel the honour in being appointed with a role for such an important day. But if support from friends and family is going to be a challenge for you, you could always consider hiring a wedding planner. Just saying

The very best of luck to all of you planning your own dry-hire wedding!