5 Tips to Succeed Wedding Photos

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If you’re new to the wedding photographer business or you’re an amateur photographer responsible for immortalizing a friend’s wedding, you probably have the pressure and anguish to miss your images on this important day … Not to mention the technical aspects of your shots, we offer here 5 practical tips to not forget any important cliché and offer the bride and groom beautiful memories.

1- Talk with the bride and groom

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, if a couple entrusts you with the realization of their wedding photos, you will first of all have to discuss with the bride and groom.

Ask them about the theme of their wedding and their expectations regarding the photographs. If you’re not a loved one, meet them to be more comfortable with your goal on D-Day.

Take advantage of this interview to make a list of essential photos. During a wedding, there are certain key moments that any good wedding photographer must seize: the arrival of the newlyweds, the exchange of alliances, the signing of the register at the town hall, the kiss of the newlyweds, the exit of the couple under throwing rice or confetti,

But also think about asking the bride and groom what is really important to them.

2- Find the relatives of the newlyweds

Regardless of the number of guests, the newlyweds will always prefer to have wedding photos with their immediate entourage.

A wedding photographer should therefore spot, preferably with the help of a family member, who are family and friends.

And since you will not escape the traditional group photos, it is better to ask the bride and groom to provide you with a list of groups to take, and then choose among the guests a person who will call each other as soon as possible.

3- Photograph the preparations

Forgetting to photograph the preparations before the ceremony is a fairly common mistake. However, the bride has often spent several months looking for her dress, the theme and decoration of her wedding etc…

The bride will be delighted that you photograph her being styled, make up and dress for this big day. The preparations are also part of the good memories of a wedding, so do not neglect them!

Open your eyes to catch the details that tell a story, including the wedding table (with champagne, the cake or cake etc.) or accessories (bouquet and jewelry of the bride).

4- Make original photos

To diversify your wedding photos a bit, take inspiration from the venue and / or theme of the ceremony to take shots off the beaten track.

Your photos should not be the same depending on whether the ceremony is bohemian or vintage, takes place in town, in the countryside or by the sea.

To bring life to your images, ask the bride and groom to pose with accessories or just run towards you.

5- Do not hesitate to trigger

Plan enough batteries and memory cards to take a lot of photographs. Indeed, a couple who asks you for wedding photos would be disappointed if you only offered twenty.

Do not focus only on the bride and groom. Stay tuned to immortalize certain moments that the bride and groom have missed and especially to capture the emotions of this great day: the smiles and the tears of joy of the family, the children who have fun.

A few days after the ceremony, you will have all the time to sort your images to remove those that are missed (blurry, with grimaces) and select the most successful, that is to say the best framed, the best exposed and the most moving.

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10 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Photographer and Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

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1. Sorting Among Wedding Photographers

First of 10 tips, check out his website. Indeed, you want to hire someone creative and professional, a photographer is primarily an artist. His website must reflect his visual identity and his work. If you come across a page worthy of prehistory or a showcase worthy of a Christmas store, do not hesitate a long time and run away!

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore

Best Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore – We love to capture eye-catching natural moments of your events with unique creative flavors to cherish your big day.

2. Trust a Professional Photographer

This may seem obvious, but check that it is a professional. Thanks to Google, you can quickly verify that this person has a SIRET number or that his business is registered. You will have the confidence and the serenity that will not be able to bring you a photographer of Sunday or an amateur. What will you do if your photographer drops you 1 week before for the wedding of his new sister-in-law? It is also that, to be professional.

3. See Photos of a Complete Wedding Report

Did you like the first pictures you saw? All right, it makes you want to go further and you’re right. You should not be limited to this first impression, ask him more, for example that he shows you the entirety of one or more wedding report (s) that he has recently covered. This will give you a better idea of ​​what you can do and what you can expect if it were you in the photos. You can also ask him if he made the photos recently and if he was helped by an assistant for example.

4. See the Opinions of Previous Customers

Tips: Take a look at the social networks and main sites of wedding providers (such as Zankyou or Weddings.net) to check their presence. Your photographer is an artist who exposes and promotes his work on various platforms and social networks in addition to his website. Check his popularity, notoriety and the comments of his previous customers! Opinions are good clues to get a first idea before contacting him!

5. A Wedding Photographer Listens to You

Communicate! It is important to talk to your photographer in person, to have him on the phone, but also, if possible, to meet him over coffee before making your decision. A good photographer is above all for your listening. He is there to understand and feel your needs, and then he will present his work and can answer your questions. A photographer who monopolizes the floor during an interview will probably not be listening to you on the day of your wedding. You do not want to see the day that it does not hold the road … So before signing think to discuss together!

6. A Photographer with Whom You Are Comfortable

Operate with affinity! And yes, you will still spend a good part of the most important day of your life with him… so it’s important to have a good feeling with your wedding photographer so that the day he knows how to accompany you and to put you in confidence. If the current does not pass at the first meeting around a coffee, there is a lot of luck so that it becomes complicated on the day of your wedding and you are not comfortable. And that will be seen in the photos.

7. Sign a Wedding Photo Report Contract

Sign a wedding photo contract. It’s more than a piece of advice, it’s very important because it involves both parties: your professional photographer will not let you down at the last moment for another more expensive wedding, he is committed to accompany you until the day J and to be present to personally provide photographs of your wedding. The contract also allows you to define all the little details that could ruin your life after the fact. Some married couples are still waiting to see their pictures for months after their wedding, but if no delivery date has been specified, they can not really do much.

8. A Cheap Wedding Photographer

Find a wedding photographer cheap … it’s good, and it’s quite easy thanks to the internet. There are photographers at all rates, from € 200 to € 5000. But do you say that the price of a photographer does not say everything. Are you really sure that it is cheap? Is it really a professional photographer hiding behind these rates? What is his experience? Additional fees that you will not be able to anticipate can be hidden: if you only deliver 50 photos in one day, it will certainly charge you additional photos at a golden price! So check what is included in his performance. Conversely, pay only for what you need, a photographer with very high prices is not necessarily better photographer than another, can be it simply more notoriety.

9. A Photographer Is an Artist First and Foremost

So work at the heart stroke! It is very important to take a photographer who has a style, a leg, a way of framing and taking pictures that speaks to you and which you like. This is his way of working, and of course he will reproduce photos of your own wedding that will please you and satisfy you. There is nothing worse than bland, featureless photos that do not speak to you. Especially for a day as important as your wedding day! Hire a photographer whose work you like and talk to you is really important and it’s one of the basic tips.

10. Find another Photographer than Those Present at the Wedding Show

Do not limit yourself to the photographers present at the wedding fairs! Just because your photographer is paying for an ad in a specialized catalog or investing in a wedding lounge location is not the best in the area or it’s the one for you! Nowadays there are many providers and many ways to find them, including using Google. Take the time to consult the windows of the websites of several photographers before you decide.

Our 7 Tips for Successful Photo Booth

temecula photo booth rental

Renting a photo booth for your wedding must guarantee you quality memories. There are several things to check before committing yourself.

1. Quality – Quality – Quality

The first point is to check that the shooting is done with a camera; NO WEBCAM … Indeed a real camera ensures good quality photos and possible reuse in digital or printing.

A flash and no continuous light is the guarantee to freeze photos and avoid blur … it also guarantees your guests to know when the photo will be taken.

A thermal sublimation printer … OK it’s a bit technical, but to have a dry photo 20 seconds after the shooting and durable in time, it’s the only solution … No inkjet printer…

2. Open or close the Photo booth?

Without hesitation open, closed booth photos are to be reserved for passport. An open booth photo gives you the guarantee of being able to be 2 or 10 or more on a photo (OK, it will have to tighten a little, but it comes back …). Most often, closed booth photos allow a photo of the heads only. An open camera will allow more inventive shots and leave your guests all the possibilities to make you surprises (a mini photo novel is possible …). SoCal Photo Booth Service provides a 5 star rated mobile temecula photo booth rental services for any special event. 

3. And with that what is understood?

Three hours, four hours … it’s too short to have fun, all evening … Prefer the offers that allow use throughout the evening.

The disguise accessories … the little sticks it’s nice … but real disguises (hats, glasses, accessories …) make the evening more crazy.

The impressions, unlimited! Really? An evening of photo booth can be 1000 photos taken 500 impressions. So focus on unlimited offers.

The online gallery for your guests is absolutely necessary so that they can review their photos, download them and enjoy them.

4. Implementation

In photo booth there is photo. So make sure the person who hires you the photo booth is an informed photographer. A trick to detect a real photographer… talk to him about white balance, if a big white follower follows your question.

Your provider should have planned to put a background behind your guests. A background will avoid seeing on your photos a door, a wall, or other guests who pass in the background. 

The flash included in the box, will it adapt to the ambient light or will you have to make the settings yourself?

5. Customizing photos

Check that your provider is listening to you and offers you a real photo customization. You want 1,2,3,4 photos on your photos, you want them in tape (as in the old photo booth) or on the contrary on a format 10X15cm or larger? A true professional will be able to meet all these expectations.

6. Professionalism

Do you have to do to a real professional or an amateur? Check first that it is assured, in fact, the equipment if it is knocked down can hurt someone, and a short circuit can be caused. This will be your responsibility if the installer is not insured. It is also necessary to check if your marriage will not be the test marriage for that person, in clear has she already realized benefits?

7. And after your event

Remember that these photos are yours so you do not have to pay to recover them. Generally the provider will give them to USB key or via a download platform. In addition it is today more and more provided in the benefits of providing guests an online gallery where they can find their photos.

5 Tips for Choosing Dallas Wedding Photographer

Dallas Wedding Photographer

This is the last straight before the resumption of the wedding season.

For you, brides and grooms, there is still time to find the pearl that will immortalize this day so important to you.

And given the number of providers, as much as it is to look for a needle in a haystack!

So, to help you find your rare pearl, I have concocted 5 tips to choose your Dallas wedding photographer.

To each his own style…

You will see it quickly, the photographers do not miss. But the advantage is that there is something for everyone! Reportage, photos, color, black and white, vintage treatment, dark, bright…. Take the time to look at the photographers’ book.

Does his style fit you? Are you able to project yourself in his images?

The style is for me the first step in the selection of your photographer.

Do not contact a photographer if you do not recognize his style. Or worse … Do not accept to take Tante Monique’s photographer that your mom strongly advise you!!!

It’s your wedding, it’s your memories!!! It’s up to you to choose your photographer!

What will you stay when your day is over? Your pictures!!! It is therefore important that you enjoy reviewing your images. You will say to yourself “I have the impression that it was yesterday … I still have chills when I look at my photos”.

Meet the photographers…

Here we are!!! You have just browsed the web, and you have found three or four photographers whose work you like. More time to lose, contact them! Well-known photographers are booked on average 1 year in advance.

In the order of things, you book your domain, your caterer and your DJ. The photographer comes right after!

It would be a pity if your favorite photographer announces that the date is already taken.

Make an appointment with them. Face to face, if they are in the same area, or Skype. Do not stop at the photographers in your area. Many photographers move throughout France. Your pearl is in the south? We meet via Skype. We see each other and we talk to each other 🙂As practical as a real date!

The feeling…

During your exchanges, you will be able to feel if you are made to work together. The feeling is for me the mega criterion super important!!! We will accompany you on a good part of your day, see the full day. We will exchange, we rub shoulders, and we integrate your family cocoon and friendly.

As part of a photo report, we immortalize moments of exchange and emotions. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable and confident in the company of your photographer, that you even feel that your photographer is part of your guests.

You will be natural and spontaneous; you will not worry about him. “But where is he? What is he doing? Do you think he photographed Mamie Odette as I asked her? “

Concentrate on the most important: your lover, your day, your family and your friends! Your photographer will take care of the rest and do it well because you will trust him🙂

Products, services before / during / after…

During your appointment, you will discuss the services offered. The photographers you will meet will tell you about their way of working, products integrated into their offers (photo book, digital support, prints etc …)

Learn about the options they offer, photo studio type for a photobooth activity, photo session before and after the wedding etc…

Take the time to look at his products. Quality, finishes, options. Are the photos in the book imposed or do you make the book with him? Do not be afraid to ask your questions. You will be even more reassured for the future.

Also attach yourself to the proposed service. What does the benefit include? What do they offer on duty, before, during and after? The “after” is very important!

The delay of rendering of the report, that of the supports photos etc…

All these elements are also to be taken in the choice of your photographer.

The rates

Aaahhh!!! The rates…

It’s a sacred point! You have certainly given yourself an investment. Normal! The wedding budget is not necessarily expandable. This part can be seen during the first selection (when you are interested in the style of the photographers).

Some photographers display their rates on their site, others do not. In general, basic rates are announced. This allows you to see if its performance matches your investment.

During the meeting, you will talk at some point about this very important part. Do not be afraid to explain your expectations. How long would you like your photographer to accompany you, what photo material would you like, etc.

An estimate will be proposed and you will be able to make your decision with all the elements in hand 😉

And if I have one last tip to give you, it’s a bonus tip 😉

You hesitate between two photographers: one offers a service in your investment but feeling level is not ecstasy, the other has a more expensive service but you have the crush on him and his work…

I’ll let you guess which one to choose … Rethink this question: what will you stay with your wedding?

You now have everything you need to choose your photographer.

I only have to wish you a beautiful wedding and beautiful photos!

Cinderella for a day | How to Decorate a Disney Wedding

wedding cinderella dress

Cinderella !!!

Surely you’ve heard Cinderella’s stepsisters as soon as you start reading this post. And I could almost assure you that you are a bit like her, without stopping, and with a lot of preparations to be able to attend the dance, well, let me tell you that you are an essential part, without you there is no wedding. And you know.

Come, do not tell, and take a deep breath that I’ll give you a couple of ideas so you start feeling like the princess of your own fairy tale.

Wedding Invitations – Cinderella

Announce it! You will see a Great Dance in Honor of Your Highness

Of course you will see dancing, and feast and party afterwards … as it should be, but the way in which we present it is important, that is why I bring you the Cinderella wedding invitation with its beautiful matching metallic envelope.

Do not forget to invite all the marriageable maidens of the kingdom; they will die of envy with what I have to teach you, but that I will leave for the end, let’s continue with the decoration.

Ideas for Disney Decorations

These are just some of the ideas you can find in pinterest, I love this platform is full of very good and original references.

There goes, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a pumpkin- shaped centerpiece ;  I think it’s ideal for the sweets table; the kids will love it, some fairy powders – please, essential for a wedding full of magic – you can fill them with rice if you prefer and finally the wedding cake , it is beautiful.

As for the wedding cake I can recommend someone, Susa is given the decorations and with the flavors that you like the best.

Look at Crystal Slippers!

Well, in this case they are not crystal but you can not deny that some will die of envy as soon as they see you and yes, the one you’re thinking about too.

This pair is a sample, but I can make the same design in any other model if you prefer another shape or color.

In addition, I left a space next to the castle where your wedding date and your initials could go on the tie held by the birds.

I’m all ears if you want to make some change, totally customizable.

And they lived Happy for…

Forever! Yes, yes, forever, you should know the end of this story, right? – There is a mother … that you do not like…

Nothing happens, we create the design for your invitations and your shoes to your liking remember? I’ll leave you another so you can see different models.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Dress of Your Bridesmaids

bridesmaid proposal

In many weddings, bridesmaids wear identical outfits around the bride. This Anglo-Saxon custom inspires you, but you do not know what style to lead you to? Here are 4 suggestions to help in your choices.

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The bridesmaids are special for the bride. It is usually the people who are closest to them, such as their best friends. Wearing identical outfits to those that accompany the beautiful in white dress on the day of her wedding is a mark of proximity. It’s a way of showing the strong connection that exists between them.

This great Anglo-Saxon tendency which is more and more widespread in France knows some variants. Indeed, it depends on the goodwill of the bride, whether on the colors, shapes or fabrics used. That’s why we’ve listed the different options available to you. 

Here are the 4 tips of the editorial staff.

Like Twin Sisters

If you want everything to be calculated to the millimeter to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day, do not think anymore and opt for totally identical outfits for your bridesmaids. Whether 3 or 10 around you, they must have the same dresses or same sets. That is to say: same cut, same color, same fabric and why not the same bunches of flowers (if it is expected that they too) for a perfect assortment! Especially since it will allow you to spend time with your friends enjoying a session “shopping like no other” and that, we love…

Several Color Desires: How to Do?

If you give importance to harmony, but you still love the variations of colors (or when you can not stop on one and the same color), here is the solution that might be suitable for you in all respects: select the same dress for all in the cut and the material, but, on the other hand, do not hesitate to vary the colors.

It will be the perfect mix between homogeneity, thanks to the shape and the fabric, and originality thanks to the different colors. This is the ideal option in case you have selected several thematic colors of your wedding. Small references often make all the difference!

Feel Beautiful First!

On the other hand, you insist that all are dressed in the same color, but your bridesmaids are not all of the same morphology, no panic! There is a solution that will meet your expectations: create dresses in the same fabric, but each will be adapted to the physique of the one who will wear it.

The goal is to highlight each of them. Yes, it is essential that those who are closest to you for the best day of your life feel comfortable and beautiful in their dresses. Of course, if you do not want to embark on a big sewing job you can find your happiness in specialty stores. There is no doubt that wedding professionals know how to fulfill all your wishes!

To Each Style!

Finally, you have also the solution of facility, and for you and for your friends: the homogeneity of color to be in agreement with the colors of your marriage, but that ‘s all! No specific model imposed, no unique fabric, your bridesmaids are spoiled for choice from the moment they respect the color you asked them.

Thus, they will have more freedom and will all be able to wear outfits that are in their own styles, their tastes and their morphologies. Not to mention that for you, it will be something less to manage. It must be admitted that a wedding requires a lot of organization and time so why not win by leaving the hand on the choice of dresses to your friends? It will not be less beautiful, it will simply be freer. What do you think?

5 Tips to Organize the Best Surprise Party

Best Surprise Party

Who does not appreciate having a surprise party in his honor? But the real question is how to organize such a birthday that can deceive (or surprise) the most suspicious person! With this guide, learn how to do it in 5 steps.

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1. Find an accomplice

Are you planning a surprise party? We must then take several elements into account! It is better to avoid warning everyone because you run the risk that someone can not hold their tongue. It is therefore necessary to look for a person of confidence and who can keep a secret.

2. The guest list: atmosphere assured

With your accomplice, list the guests. In this way, you are certain to never forget any teaser. In addition, this list gives an overview of the number of guests, which allows looking for a suitable location for the birthday.

Once the guest list is complete, you can contact everyone to ask if they have something planned for the date you have in mind. Use a list to see if they are free or not on the scheduled date.

3. Planning on time

Start planning the surprise party 5 to 6 weeks in advance. Guests should be able to free up their schedule: if you send the invitations just a week in advance, chances are many people can not come.

To make sure the most party goers are at the surprise party, select a date using Doodle. All guests can view their agenda and get free on the proposed date.

In addition, some elements need to be developed in time. To begin, make sure you have enough time to list all the choices and possibilities, so that you can decide which room to rent, which dishes to serve, who to invite and how to dress, for example.

4. Choose a location for the party

The location of the party is a difficult choice. Renting a room can indeed cost a lot of money and often requires a reservation of several weeks or months in advance. Have you thought of organizing a surprise party at home or in a big garden? Have you conducted the investigation in the favorite cafe of the person to surprise? Why not hold a mini-festival on a farmer’s wasteland in the neighborhood?

By making the right choices, you can save money at the venue and increase the budget for beverages, food, decorations or birthday gifts. In our opinion, these are the main elements of the party!

5. Find a theme for the party

The choice of theme also depends on the success of a surprise party. Opt for a theme that perfectly matches the hero of the evening. Once the theme is found, go in search of decoration and appropriate costumes. It is also an opportunity to make invitations, in the chosen theme, of course.

6 Tips to Follow to Select a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Columbia SC

It’s easy to be overwhelmed during your wedding planning process. In addition to organizing, finding and finding the best suppliers for your budget, it also means negotiating costs, making sure everything is done on time and that the big day goes smoothly!

In addition to all this, many of us are working full time and trying to juggle work, social life and wedding planning! This is where a wedding planner saves the day.

Choose a wedding planner

There are three different types of services that wedding planners usually offer:

  • A wedding planner only for specific tasks, namely to help you with the restoration or with the flowers for the wedding
  • A wedding planner only for the big day to make sure everything goes well so you can relax and leave the day in the hands of a professional
  • A wedding planner that you take from the moment you start planning the wedding to help you with all the details.

Wedding Planner Columbia SC – Hire an experienced Wedding Planner in Columbia, SC. We provide wedding and event planning services for weddings, baby showers, and events.

What to look for in a wedding planner

After choosing the type of service you need, outside of your budget, here are six things to consider when choosing your wedding planner:

1. Personality and trust

It is important for you to find an organizer with whom you get along instantly. Not least because there are times when you can send 20 e-mails in one night with the details of your wedding, and there are more stressful moments than others where the “devil” in you could come out. This is where you will need the wedding planner to stay calm and really listen to you.

You must also make sure that you are able to trust the planner because scheduling may become difficult. While they may be incredible, making sure your personalities match and you trust them 100% is the key.

2. Portfolio

Be sure to take a look at the weddings that the wedding planner has done before not only to be inspired for your own event, but also to ensure that their style matches yours.

The questions to keep in mind are:

  • Are weddings simple or are they more extravagant and luxurious?
  • If you want your wedding theme to focus on colors and flowers, see if the planner has already done similar themes and if so, on what scale?
  • Do they specialize in a certain type of marriage?
  • Do they know the location of the wedding?
  • Do they have vendors with whom they currently work? If so, could this wedding planner get you a discount for your wedding?
  • What size of marriage do they usually have?

Wedding planners are able to work to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is amazing, but they each have their skills whether it’s for wedding or food visuals, you need to make sure that this matches what you are looking for.

3. Communication

Communication is an integral part of planning the wedding of your dreams. This leads to considering the response time between when you call / send an email / send a message to the planner and when he answers you. Is this planner too busy? Does it take a lot of time to respond to its customers? The planner should keep you up to date on the preparations and make sure you know exactly when you expect an answer to help you reduce stress.

4. Tariff structure

Every wedding is different and if you only want the wedding planner for specific tasks, the big day itself, or if you want the planner to be with you from the beginning, of course, there will be a difference in the price. The price structure could be one of the following:

  • A package
  • A base fee plus additional fees depending on the providers and needs
  • Hourly rate

If the planner charges a flat rate, determine exactly what this would include. In addition, find out if there is a payment structure and what the billing method is. It is essential to be honest with the wedding planner when it comes to the budget.

5. Other marriage

Be sure to know about how many marriages the planner is working on, especially if there are weddings that take place the same month as your wedding. If the planner works for a large wedding planning company, then his or her company can have other weddings in his schedule – and he will also have a great team to work with.

If you choose an independent wedding planner, then it would be best if he focuses primarily on your wedding. You want your planner to be dedicated to your wedding to ensure that planning and the big day are seamless.

6. References

Make sure you get recent marriage references that the wedding planner has made. It is essential to call and verify how the wedding planning of these clients and the big day are organized. If the wedding planner does not want to give references – it’s probably a red flag and better not to work with him.

Destination Wedding: Lapita Hotel in Dubai

Without a shadow of a doubt, choosing your wedding venue is at the top of the list as the most stressful decision any bride-to-be is faced with. I am not discrediting the dress, food or vibe at all, but the venue is what echoes every wedding days atmosphere. We will explore the remarkable significance of a venue and give you a look at an outstanding Polynesian island influenced resort hotel that is not only different to the usual influx of hotels who offer wedding services, but also boasts a picture perfect hotel location.

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