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Beach Wedding Clothes for Men

Linen Beach Wedding Attire for Men and Boys

Planning a wedding can be both tedious and fun. From drawing up the budget, travel plans and guest lists to choosing a date and location, couples usually have a full plate. And, then, there is the small problem of what to wear on the big day. Beach-themed weddings and so-called destination beach weddings – on an actual beach somewhere tropical or in the summer, somewhere temperate – aren’t free from the rigors of planning especially when it comes to what to wear.

So, you’ve decided on an amazing dress. Maybe floaty bohemian style attire or a flowing white chiffon or maybe it’s a knee-length sundress. When picking a style, it is important that you consider dresses that complement what the men put on, as well as the scenery. You shouldn’t be dressed more formally than the guys, or underdressed. You shouldn’t be in a high neck silk dress in the summer. Men Beach Wedding Vests should complement in style and color. Here is a guideline to help you succeed in choosing perfect linen attires for men.

Linen breathes

Weddings on the beach in the summer or in the dry season in the tropics usually present one of two challenges: Beating the heat or combating sea breeze. Choosing light, airy, breathable attires is vital to enjoying the weather as much as the wedding. Linen is the foremost choice in this regard. You won’t be more comfortable in any other fabric. So, which linen Attire for Beach Wedding Clothes for Men should you go for? What styles will make the boys look handsome and comfortable? Here are some tips.

Linen shirts

Pretty much any long-sleeved Linen Shirts for Beach Wedding will do. You have to take care, though, to go for pastel colors. White is great and is easily the first choice. Be that as it may, you could also go for a simple, pale blue or pink button-up shirt to blend with the weather, suit color, as well as your dress. They could either go with carefully chosen ties in the case of cooler temperature or they could be open, unbuttoned at the first two buttons. There is also something to be said about print or pattern shirts. The rolled-sleeve unbuttoned look with suspenders is an example of the summary, relaxed effect.

Light shade suits

Perfectly tailored suits in light shades are great for a beach wedding. Light gray or brown two-button suits meld nicely with the cool, understated pastels of the chosen shirt. Pinstripe suits could complete a luxurious look. And, there is always something to be said for the ubiquitous navy blue. All the more so, if you opt for a nautical feels to complement the scenery. You could go for the preppy look if your wedding reception isn’t held in the same location. Tight fitting suit styles should be carefully chosen. The roomier, the better.

Shoes, hats, ties and accessories

Once you have chosen the shirt and suit styles, it’s time to determine how to accessorize. This can be done in several ways. Slip-on shoes, espadrilles for example and sandals are better than flip flops for that laid back look. Bright colored pocket squares and ties may complete a suave look.

The same goes for hats: Porkpies, fedoras, and trilbies are great for an iconic, scenic choice. These accessories complement the lightweight, unconstructed, light shade fabrics you choose to complement your dress style. So as you decide on which dress style fits the most, you’ll do well to keep in mind the groom and the groomsmen, as well as the location and the weather forecast for your chosen date. All these are not attire for women.

cotton kurti

5 Latest Cotton Kurti Designs To Rock this Summer 2017

Looking for a go-to-garment to beat the heat while staying stylish as you have always been? Well, the summer season has already knocked at our door and it’s time to brace ourselves. With the emergence of latest cotton kurti designs, it has become easier to dress comfortably yet stylishly. Girls who don’t want to compromise with their comfort level, would love these ethnic tunics which can be paired easily with any bottom wear. From capris to jeggings, treggings, salwars, cigarette pants, and denims, all go well with it. You can rock the girl-next-door look by pairing any bottom wear with the kurti of your choice.

Here is a list of 5 latest cotton kurti designs which you can wear around with comfort and style both. Let’s check it out.

Anarkali style cotton kurti

You may have a wardrobe full of different outfits and kurtis, but without an anarkali kurti in cotton fabric, it’s just incomplete. Almost every girl should have this Indian tunic with flared bottom in her wardrobe. This is the perfect staple which can brighten up a dull day in a summer with a bit of mix and match experiment. From a simple white flared frock to the one with a pop of colours, you would certainly find myriad of choices when it comes to satiate your fashion pangs for comfortable and gorgeous ethnic outfits.

Shirt cotton kurti

We have had heard a lot about shirt dress, shirts and more, now it’s time to shirt style cotton kurti. It is one of the latest cotton kurti designs which are considered smart. You can rock it like a true diva no matter whether you’re at your workplace, in a party or hanging out with your friends.  This versatile piece ought to be a go-to-go-garment. You can pull it off over a pair of jeggings, leggings, denims or even salwars.

High and low cotton kurti

Not only silk, satin, net, georgette, and chiffon fabrics are popular choices for high and low kurtis. Even cotton fabric has made its presence felt too with this sensuous cut. There are varieties of high and low kurtis in the same fabric which can be worn on special occasions. The latest cuts, patterns and work have made it popular among young women.

The short printed kurti

Ethnic flavour can be found in long and short cuts depending upon one’s tastes. Come summers and women flock to the market to search for comfortable short cotton kurtis which they would love to match with their denims. If you’re one of them, then there is no going back! The market has been swarmed with various short printed kurtis which make great outfits for office, college and even parties. From ajrakh prints to kalamkari, block prints, ikat prints and more, you will find a truly amazing variety in there.

Two tone cotton kurti

This one is truly an attention grabber. The summer season is the best time when you can amp up your style quotient with a zing of two colours. Fashionistas are loving such an idea to include in their ethnic outfit and it’s showering them with appreciation as well. Next time you go to buy kurti online, ensure you get one done in two colours to follow the trend.

So, ladies go comfortable, go rocking this summer season with a little update in your wardrobe with cotton kurtis.


Black Tunic Top

How to Wear a Black Tunic Top

Black is a safe color when it comes to clothing. Whether it is dresses, skirts, suits or tops, black is classic, elegant and will suit any attire for any occasion. Today we are looking at black tunic tops and tricks on how to wear them. If you aren’t careful black can make you washed out and can look lifeless and dull. In can also look very strict so think about using black with different textures and color contrasts to make you look interesting, beautiful and bold.

Think About Wearing Black in Sheer Fabrics

When choosing to wear a black top it can look less severe if you choose a lighter more transparent material. This type of fabric breaks up the one color and light will reflect making it look sheer and shimmery. Think about adding some layers over the top or add an interesting necklace in a contrasting color. This particular blouse adds some much needed textural interest and means you can wear it with a black skirt without it being too much black. This sleeveless chiffon top if perfect for the hot weather and can be worn to work or even to the beach. An investment we think is well worth making. The best thing is, it is classic, covers everything and will leave you feeling girly and sexy because of the ruffles and the material.

Add a Bright Accessory

If you aren’t going to layer on the top then think about adding a scarf or a necklace that is bright and colorful. This will break up the one piece color and will add texture and an element of luxury. This trick works with all types of black tops and jumpers. We really like this sleeveless tank top in black. It is tight fitting and classic. It is practical, versatile and can be worn in many different ways. Team it with leggings and a denim jacket for a more casual look or team it with a leather skirt if you are going out. Add a flowery scarf for the summer days or add a pearl necklace for those smart occasions. If you are feeling really bold then choose some gold and silver bangles and a large medallion necklace.

Layers, Layers and More Layers

The great thing about tank tops is you can layer them. Add a blazer and a sweatshirt or add an open shirt and a jacket. The whole idea is to make the black color the main interest and then choose something contrasting to layer on top. For example this beautifully knitted tank top would go great with a flannel shirt in mustard yellow and a brown jacket on top. Don’t be scared to experiment with different colors. This way you can find your style and what works great for you. This knitted tank top adds the texture so you don’t have too but seriously consider adding a layer or two to change the overall look and soften the black color.

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salwar kameez online shopping

Buy Pakistani Salwar Kameez Online

Most of the women consider it hard to select a right dress for a special occasion. Indian culture has evolved many types of traditional clothing for this purpose. Wearing lehengas is also very popular in Pakistan and India. When you visit nearby market or online store you will find wide range of lehengas there. On the contrary use of designer salwar suits is also very popular style. It is available in stunning fabric materials like brocade, net, crape, silk, chiffon and leather.

Popular designer suits for women:

The list of famous designer suits for women is very long. However the most popular suits include lehengas, Kurta pajamas, Ghagra Cholis, saree, salwar kameez online shopping and many others. Each category further consists of thousands of designs, styles and colors. There is also a great demand of Pakistani Shalwar kameez in the market.

Find modern and contemporary designs online:

If you want to buy latest and fashion products, you can visit online store for this purpose. Most of the online stores offer intricate and beautiful crafting. You will be happy to see such a big collection of designer salwar suits in front of you. Online stores update their stock regularly to meet the requirements of customers well.

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salwar suits online

Designer Salwar Kameez Online Shopping

It is a known fact that salwar kameez online shopping is feasible and economical. There are present numerous online stores across the globe who offer wide range of dresses online. The most popular wears include dupattas, salwar, jeans, kurtis and many others. It is a daunting task to select a best wear for wedding event. Online stores offer wears in wide range of materials like silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton and leather. Each kind of material has its own pros and cons. Hence selection of a right kind of material is very important. Indian women love to wear saree, salwar kameez and pants. Jeans is also a very popular dress in India.

Designer kurtis for women:

Indian women love to wear designer salwar suits online but designer kurtis is most popular. It is very trendy and comfortable. It can also be worn for formal functions and causal affairs. It is also available in wide range of materials like fabric, leather, silk, cotton and chiffon. You can also wear kurtis with dupattas, salwar and jeans.

Indian crepe and Kora silk:

Use of Indian crepe and Kora silk is also a very popular choice of Indian women. You can also wear it with jeans. It is also available in sleeveless design. Unique designs of Pakistani shalwar kameez are also available on online store.

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indian salwar kameez

Buy Designer Clothing Online

If you are going to buy indian salwar kameez online you should not forget to do some homework in advance. First of all you must decide what kind of dress or clothing you want to purchase. Selection of dress depends on type of event or occasion you would attend in future. It also depends on culture and tradition of a country. If you are living in India then you must know importance of salwar kameez, saree, kurtas and pajama. These all are traditional clothing used in India.

Designer Kurta:

Both men and women in India use to wear designer kurtas and salwar. This dress is very popular among men and women. Kurta is also worn with loose shirts. For special occasions like social gatherings, engagements and birthday use of kurtas is very famous. You can find kurtas in different designs, colors and styles online with ease.

Designer salwar kameez:

Today India salwar kameez has become first choice of men and women. It is used for all types of special occasions. The loose shirts can also be used for it. It is very simple to find the designer salwar kameez online. You just need to visit a famous clothing store to find your desired dress.

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salwar kameez online

Buy Traditional Dresses Online

Do you want to purchase salwar kameez online? Salwar kameez is a national dress in Pakistan. It is also used in many other countries like India. This dress has become a part of culture and fashion. Today you can find salwar kameez in wide range of designs, colors, styles and prints. It is also available in different materials like brocade, net, crape, silk, chiffon and cotton. You can get your desired material and designs with ease. Popular women dresses include

  • Lehengas
  • Kurta pajamas
  • Cholis
  • Ghagra
  • Saree
  • Shalwar kameez

These are most popular women dresses used in Asian countries. Most of the women love to wear these traditional outfits.  There is no doubt a woman like traditional dresses. Pakistani shalwar kameez is also used by brides and grooms. The selection of color is very important. By tradition, red color dress is used by bride. You can also find many other designs online. Today a big collection of Indian salwar kameez is available online for your comfort. You must spend some time to find a right dress to make your events memorable. It is quite simple to purchase all types of men and women dresses with the help of online source.

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designer salwar kameez

Designer Salwar Kameez for Women

Are you looking for designer salwar kameez? If yes you should visit online source to find your desired deals. Online stores offer all types of garments. Indian bridal wear is very popular due to its unique design and style. The beautiful crafting of this dress also makes it fabulous. The designer salwar suits online is available in following colors

  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Peach
  • Fuchsia
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Red
  • Blue

Women use to wear dress in all these colors. They also use matching shoes and jewelry to enhance their look. The red color is widely used by bride because it is a traditional color. When you visit the online store then you can view number dresses and wear online by sitting at your home. The women wear area available in many styles like circular style. You can easily select your desired style online. It is reported that modern women of India love to wear designer salwar kameez. Therefore designer’s dresses are widely used in India due to their unique designs and styles. It is very comfortable to buy women wear online because you can enjoy many discount offers and free home delivery of products.

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saree blouse online

Fabulous Saree Blouses Online

Where the traditional attire of India has taken up a segment of the fashion industry, there has been the evolution of blouses for women, and a separate category has been developed solely for them.

Many times, the sarees that people have outdated blouses paired with them; hence, the availability of saree blouse online has completely changed the game. Now you can purchase embroidered blouse or printed blouse and they would all fall in line with the fashion trends. You can also find designer blouse online which gives you the chance to make your saree appear as trendy as possible and make a fashion statement. Along with this, a saree also requires a proper underskirt without which the falls of the saree would not appear graceful. The petticoat for saree can also be found online along with the ladies blouses.

You no longer have to go out to get a cloth embroidered and then stitched. This process has been cut down with the presence of saree blouse and designer lehenga online. With this collection, you can now choose the perfect blouse for the saree passed down to you by your mother or match a blouse online with the new saree that you purchased online.

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designer blouse online

Hip Blouses for Your Taste

One of the most elegant sarees often do not have a blouse paired with them, hence, for this purpose, the need to have an equally stunning blouse has arisen. But there is no need to worry because beautiful blouses for women are found online and you have the freedom to pick the best one that you like, or even pick more than one for every separate event!

The availability of saree blouse online along with the saree petticoat has made lives easier because now you can pair your old saree with a designer blouse online and turn your saree to vintage. Women’s blouses include printed blouse and embroidered blouse which further involves different kinds of styles and also different material that is used. For a formal event, a silk blouse is preferred, whereas for a lunch out with friends, a simple printed blouse would suit the occasion. Apart from this, it is highly important for a suitable saree petticoat to be paired with the outfit to give the saree the grace that it requires.

Whether it is blouses for women or petticoat for saree and lehenga collection, you can find all of these online easily and mix and match the one that you like the best.

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