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cotton kurti

5 Latest Cotton Kurti Designs To Rock this Summer 2017

Looking for a go-to-garment to beat the heat while staying stylish as you have always been? Well, the summer season has already knocked at our door and it’s time to brace ourselves. With the emergence of latest cotton kurti designs, it has become easier to dress comfortably yet stylishly. Girls who don’t want to compromise with their comfort level, would love these ethnic tunics which can be paired easily with any bottom wear. From capris to jeggings, treggings, salwars, cigarette pants, and denims, all go well with it. You can rock the girl-next-door look by pairing any bottom wear with the kurti of your choice.

Here is a list of 5 latest cotton kurti designs which you can wear around with comfort and style both. Let’s check it out.

Anarkali style cotton kurti

You may have a wardrobe full of different outfits and kurtis, but without an anarkali kurti in cotton fabric, it’s just incomplete. Almost every girl should have this Indian tunic with flared bottom in her wardrobe. This is the perfect staple which can brighten up a dull day in a summer with a bit of mix and match experiment. From a simple white flared frock to the one with a pop of colours, you would certainly find myriad of choices when it comes to satiate your fashion pangs for comfortable and gorgeous ethnic outfits.

Shirt cotton kurti

We have had heard a lot about shirt dress, shirts and more, now it’s time to shirt style cotton kurti. It is one of the latest cotton kurti designs which are considered smart. You can rock it like a true diva no matter whether you’re at your workplace, in a party or hanging out with your friends.  This versatile piece ought to be a go-to-go-garment. You can pull it off over a pair of jeggings, leggings, denims or even salwars.

High and low cotton kurti

Not only silk, satin, net, georgette, and chiffon fabrics are popular choices for high and low kurtis. Even cotton fabric has made its presence felt too with this sensuous cut. There are varieties of high and low kurtis in the same fabric which can be worn on special occasions. The latest cuts, patterns and work have made it popular among young women.

The short printed kurti

Ethnic flavour can be found in long and short cuts depending upon one’s tastes. Come summers and women flock to the market to search for comfortable short cotton kurtis which they would love to match with their denims. If you’re one of them, then there is no going back! The market has been swarmed with various short printed kurtis which make great outfits for office, college and even parties. From ajrakh prints to kalamkari, block prints, ikat prints and more, you will find a truly amazing variety in there.

Two tone cotton kurti

This one is truly an attention grabber. The summer season is the best time when you can amp up your style quotient with a zing of two colours. Fashionistas are loving such an idea to include in their ethnic outfit and it’s showering them with appreciation as well. Next time you go to buy kurti online, ensure you get one done in two colours to follow the trend.

So, ladies go comfortable, go rocking this summer season with a little update in your wardrobe with cotton kurtis.


10 Must Have Spring Fashion Ideas 2017

Spring is just around the corner and your wardrobe might be still having the winter stuff ad clothes. The fashion trends for spring keeps changing each year but some authentic spring must-haves remain same over the years. The spring not only brings fresh looks but you can also play with style and fashion., Here we brought 10 must-haves for spring fashion ideas 2017.

1.    Floral prints:

The floral prints are the must-haves for spring, no matter how much time passes. These cool prints include soft shades and light flow fabric which allows your body breath and comfortable to wear as well. These prints can be used in shirts, skirts, jackets, capes, shoes, bags and scarf etc.

2. Skirts:

Skits are a good fashion option for day, evening and night. The flow skirts are not only very comfortable to wear but also provide you a chic look with style. You can choose different lengths and styles of skirts according to your liking and personal style. It is one of the best spring fashion ideas you should try.

3. Chiffon scarf:

A good scarf can be used in different ways and can be turned into a cape as well. Wear your chiffon scarf as you would like, you can buy scarf of different fabrics, colors and prints to accessories your wardrobe all spring long.

4. Trendy shades:

As summer is coming close make sure to protect your eyes from the harmful light. Buy few trendy shades to keep your eye protected as well as add fashion and style to your wardrobe this spring. Keep an eye on new shapes of shades which will keep your style up to date.

5. Cross-body  bags:

As spring comes closer the style of handbags also changes, from large winter handbags to the small cross body bags. Buy one for your wardrobe and style to your spring fashion. You can also use leather or simple cross body bags and also add some printed bags to your style.

spring fashion ideas 2017

6. Strap shoes:

The long boots are gone and light flat shoes and slippers are more “in” in the fashion trend. The strap shoes are not only very comfortable to wear but also let your feet breath in the humidity and hot weather. The strap shoes are best too worn under dresses and skirts which enhance the beauty of your footwear as well.

7. Chiffon tunics:

The chiffon tunics and blouses are must-haves in spring as it goes well with jeans, shorts, and skirts. The chiffon shirts and tunics are best and most comfortable to wear in spring as it adds lots of fashion and style as well as a comfortable wear for all day long spring weather.

8. Light fabric dress:

Short and long dresses are very much “in” in the spring and provide a flow feeling and look. You can have these dresses in light and comfortable fabrics with soft prints to go with your dress. You can always accessorize these dresses and choose style according to your choice and likings. These dresses are very fashionable and chic when worn in spring evenings.

9. Mild shade lipsticks:

As soon as the fashion trend changes in spring, the makeup trend also changes. In winters hot reds are trending in makeup but during spring lights tones of makeup are used to give you a soft and fresh look. Pinks, peaches, and nudes are must haves in spring makeup trend.

10. Funky accessories/ hair accessories:

When you add things to your makeup and wardrobe, don’t forget to include some accessories too. Especially to your hair accessories that can be flower clips to add little flower look in your hairstyle. The funky accessories such as earrings, necklace, and bracelets can add more style and fashion to your spring.

So, you have explore amazing spring fashion ideas. Which one you like to try?

Author Bio:

Fatima is a fashion blogger and designer. She likes to share fashion and style tips with the readers. She also writes about best body shapers.

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Fancy Cotton Sarees

Best of the Fancy Cotton Sarees that Every Women Wants

Fancy cotton sarees can be used for the production of warm clothes, which during winter can be worn as well as summer period. Saree is popular in India and an attire that is necessary have for every India woman. They come in different styles, pattern, and colors. Cotton is recognized as a crop grown within the Indian subcontinent and used for a different kind of textile for clothing. Before most women make a choice of the best fancy cotton saree that want, understanding the current styles and trend of saree is very important. Currently, there are translucent textiles such as net, chiffon, and lace, which are highly fashionable. Many celebrities have now made it a habit to ensure that wear the latest cotton saree. The authentic beauty of these textiles is their universal nature and can be worn in diverse kind of styles. In the ethnic fashion, unusual drapes and innovation now come trendy. Most time, these celebs are caught in the web in choosing which fancy cotton saree they want. Making the choice of the right fancy cotton saree can aid in the enhancement of the beauty of a woman, irrespective of the fabric type.

The saree in itself is rooted deeply as an aspect of the India culture. Unlike the salwar kameez, it is indigenous attire. It is what has made many India women to be different from other women. It adds class and style to the Indian woman. This is why the Saree is used as abase dress by most fashion designers all over the world. These fancy cotton sarees have been reinvented, giving it that different look with an enhancing style. Therefore, what make up these fancy saree that women want to have it in their wardrobe?

Patterns: Most of the fancy cotton saree comes in different patterns. The ones that are common are the printed sarees. They are worn at home, occasions, and at work. Another key reason why many women want to put on these fancy cotton saree is that they are not heavy and look comfortable and attractive on those who wear them.

Patchwork: The jerrybuilt attires have an eye-catching look particularly if it is appropriately done. The fancy cotton sarees with patchwork are more prevalent among young women who are not comfortable with the old-fashioned type of Saree. These fancy cotton saree consist of various funky, classy, and colorful designs at the same time.

There is a lot of fancy cotton sarees sold online, which is best suitable for formal and casual wear. They have mixed cotton sarees that are light weighted and very easy to maintain. Most of these fancy cotton sarees are sold at every reasonable price and when draped render a charming and elegant look, thereby providing to the needs of the Indian woman.

Author’s Bio:

Mark Long in this article explores how fancy cotton sarees is part of the attires that every woman wants. He went further to look at how some of the latest cotton sarees have become part of the clothing for celebrities.

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designer salwar suits

How to Style Designer Kurtis to Wear On Wedding Function

When there is need for women dressing for any event, Kurtis and Kurtas are the best for dressing of all kinds of outfit and event. More so, Kurtis for ladies are the best way for anyone that wants to look both elegant and stylish. In fact, whether you want to go formal or casual, Kurtis and Kurtas are the best option you always need to go for. But, most people are still finding it difficult to style their designer Kurtis for special functions. That is why this post is dedicated to provide you hint on how to style desiger kurtis to wear on wedding function.

Consider the Color of the Day While Styling Designer Kurtis for Wedding Function

designer KurtisFor perfect style designer kurtis for your wedding function, there are lots of things you need to bring to mind. One of such thing is the color of the day. The reason is that every wedding function usually come comes with special color code of the day. So, when you style your designer Kurtis considering colors you will become the best.

  Choose the Outfit That Will Bring Out Your True Beauty
Your body shape get special outfits that will make it look the best. For that reason, while styling your designer Kurtis it is important to consider your shape and body size. These are among the things you need to know on how to style designer salwar suits to wear on wedding function.

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Personalized Wedding Gifts

Make a Special Memory With Personalized Wedding Gifts

The wedding day isn’t just special for the bride and bridegroom but for each of their buddies too. You would like to share the moment together with the married couple and wish them the best for the remainder of their lives. It is generally seen that couples are saddled with a lot of the exact same presents, which seldom get used and frequently recycled later on. You do not need your recently wedded friends to believe you haven’t set any idea in purchasing them presents.

In the event the married couple has enrolled for presents that are special or you also believe there is something they could do with, by all means give them what they need. Otherwise reveal your buddies by offering them Personalized Gifts that their wedding day is as special to you personally.

Valentines gift ideas and wedding Gifts and have caught on like a thunderstorm as you’re often left wondering what to get friends and family on their wedding day. You would like your gift stick out in the ocean of gifts they’ll receive and to leave an enduring memory. At the exact same time burn a large hole in your pocket and you do not need to go with your budget.

Accessible now, it’s possible for you to pick from a huge variety of Personalized Wedding Gifts. You get ideas of what to purchase for your buddies and can examine online shopping site.

A number of the favorite Personalized Wedding Gifts are:

Records and personalized wedding calendars for the recently wedded couple result in pleasant considerate gifts. They will remember you each time they mark those memories and will make many specific memories.

Personalized champagne flutes and high-End champagne give your pals another reason to observe and keep the revelry.

Give personalized collage clock around it with all the couple’s photos to reinstate their relationship would be to stand the test of time. You may also give personalized picture frames as wedding presents.

They are able to have significant notes about any private messages, wedding date and the couple you’d like to add to them. They make fascinating pieces for the wall in your friends’ house. Such is the love affair connected under snowflakes to the dancing couple. Why don’t you get you are your buddies a personalized wedding bauble?

It’s possible for you to get your buddies engraved things like bracelets for pocket mirrors and bridegrooms for brides using a special message that’ll bring a smile to their faces.

To find out more on Personalized Wedding Gifts, take a look at the information available online; these can help you learn to locate the Personalized Gifts

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wedding venues Northampton

Wedding Venue Tips and Ideas – Wedding Venues Northampton

A wedding ought to be best and ought to consist of whatever you ever dreamed about. Whether you desire a fairy tale wedding or an easy wedding, you will be able to discover the ideal place and designs to fit your individual choice.

When it concerns discovering the ideal wedding place, you will wish to go to numerous different locations in your location to obtain a smart idea of exactly what you actually have your heart set on. Among the first things you will wish to think about is whether you prepare to have an outside event or an indoor event. As soon as you figure that out, you can then check out the venues and choose the ideal one.

Another excellent place for an indoor wedding would be the Valley Green Inn. It is the best location for a wedding event or reception. You will get your state on your huge wedding day.

If you choose to have your wedding event outdoors, the Rockwood Carriage Home would be a terrific location to inspect out. The Northampton Valley Nation Club is extremely well taken care of and is ideal for an outside wedding event or wedding reception. Not just is this the best location for your event to take location, it is likewise a gorgeous location to take your wedding photos.

As soon as you have actually chosen on the ideal location to have your wedding, you can believe about exactly what type of style you would like to integrate with your wedding. Discussing your wedding design prepares with the location owners is essential. You must go over with the location owners what type of decors you desire, what type of focal points you would like on each table, the flowers you desire utilized in your wedding, and so much more.

If you are looking for a wedding venues Northampton, then look no further than

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Wedding planning

Keep a Wedding Planning Journal to Ease Anxiety

Wedding Planning Journal

Being a real guy as well as the bridegroom’s best man, the bride needed a guy’s view on how things were going and to make sure the wedding and reception would be as interesting for the bridegroom, who was completing a tour in Iraq, as it’d be for her. As I went through her notes on the thoughts for things she’d to do as well as the things she’d achieved, I understood how worry free she was and why. She’d to be the most comfortable bride I’ve ever met for someone about to be wed in two brief weeks.

Scattered among the outrageously unorganized laptop full of ripped pages out, a pattern appeared. She was maintaining a journal of her wedding planning journal experience, without recognizing it. I spent an entire weekend. I typed up the private parts and distinguished and left the planning in the book. as soon as I ended, what had appeared was an astonishing novella of a lady ‘s encounters with the world of wedding planning and of getting married in general.

Having been a large part of my mom’s remarrying and my sister’s wedding, as well as my own, I understood that my buddy’s bride should be a stressed out wreck prepared to pull out her hair by the roots. She was composed, collected, and had a solid grasp of just what she needed and the best way to get it. This was completely out of character for her. When I looked at the unorganized manner she took notes and jumbled appointments and dates, I really could tell that she wasn’t especially arranged or used to handling such a substantial undertaking. Something had kept her composure and collected through all this and it needed to be the journal.

wedding planning journal

She’d written this all down as if she were describing to him what she were going through on a day to day basis and this had kept her on course and worry free. It’d functioned as a guide as well as a sort of self-treatment for her and enabled her to manage every situation with a clearheaded and purposeful grin that is precisely what occurred and that ensured her wedding would go off with no hitch.

When all is said and done, she helped me considerably more than I could ever have expected to help her although I am aware that I was requested to help her wrap up the loose ends and require a number of the pressure off her. Will serve me well when I’m finally prepared to settle down. Who knows, perhaps someone will print what we learned from this encounter and that’ll help other people to plan their wedding without as much pressure.

Wedding Memory Book Ideas

As the years pass by following your wedding day tons of the significant joyful memories can fade and developing a wedding memory book is a perfect strategy to chronicle the entire marriage procedure to maintain those special memories. Wedding memory books might be obtained readymade with individual pages for a family tree, guest lists and lots of pages for pictures, but you may also make your own. Let us take a look at what you must take into account when making your own wedding book.

Many couples begin to think about their wedding book as they begin preparations for the marriage, and only include it in the list to do; purchase a wedding cake, book a wedding videographer, book hotels etc, however an outstanding thought will be to make one which contains everything before the marriage too. You have to consider if you had enjoy a set of only wedding day memories or in the event that you have to contain the bachelor and bachelorette party that’s bound to get a number of the maximum moments to contain, although perhaps a section in the back of the book ought to be allowed for all those pictures.

Your wedding book can include many, chapters in the event that you like, which may chronicle memory and each particular moment from the time that you first became participated. The most critical thing you should keep in mind is the fact that once the past chapter has been written it might be changed later on, so keep as memorabilia that are much as possible in case you select to edit your book in years to come. If you are choosing photos ensure that you simply retain at least two copies of each in the event you must change the layout and as this allows you to be creative and cut some elaborate shapes you’ll always have reserve footage.

wedding memory book

Let everybody, family as well as friends, understand you’re going to not be aware of how many folks are willing to make a contribution to it and that you simply are definitely going to be making a wedding memory book. Sometimes something as easy as the ribbons on the union bands can fall to the floor undetected, but they will pick it up and give it to you on at the reception if folks understand that you’re making a group of all your memories.

Dependent on when you choose to take up a documentation of your wedding will choose layout and the topic of your book. In the event you intend really early then you definitely can coordinate the book to fit into your wedding motif. In the event that you request your wedding videographer, they are even able to make a video narrative that is separate from the days leading up to your marriage, with your marriage book as the principal topic.

Are you looking for more infomation about wedding journal? Visit this website:

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venue finder

How to Find an Appropriate Venue

For those who are in search of a compatible venue for arranging an upcoming event in a great fashion, then there is no other better venue finder than

The services that are being offered by our platform are strongly convincing and very much extensive. Because, we only make suggestions after considering requirements of customers as our focus is upon bringing the best services. We understand that finding a good venue for an upcoming event is a difficult task because many factors come into consideration and cost is the most important one.  However, our VENUE FINDER will make everything much less complicated and using the facilities you can easily find the best venue.

As mentioned above we wanted to introduce convenience in your life. All that you need to do here is to mention the location and answer some simple questions. Our system will find the best location for you and this will be done within seconds. The venue finder which is present at is simple to understand and has been designed for providing rapid results.

For you it is all about providing basic information like contact number, email and name from there onwards the venue finder will locate the most suitable location for you.

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interracial dating sites

Things You Need To Know About Interracial Dating Sites

Do you want to get matched up with someone of like mind? Are you searching for the best way to get hooked up with someone that loves what you love and will be ready to make you happy all the time? Then you should check here for best interracial dating sites. All the sites listed here are designed for people of different races including White, Black, Latino, Asian and others. For that reason, if you are a black looking for the easier way to get hooked up with serious white partner or lover and the other way round through these dating sites is the best place to get that done. You are going to get professional and well organized dating tips for singles through the sites listed here. Another thing you need to know is that each site here is known to offer unique features, large member bases, quality profiles coupled with responsive customer service to make everything smooth and easy for you.

Check Out For the Best Site for Interracial Dating Online

All you have to do is to check through the features offered by each of the sites listed here and select the best for interracial dating. For easy selection, you have to evaluate activities on each sites coupled with the membership base as well as profile through the reviews on this site. This is to make it easy for you to get just the best from the dating site you selected.

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Top Gamos

Various tips for wedding planning

Wedding is a very big day in one’s life thus, one needs to make proper planning to make it memorable.

Follow these easy wedding planning ideas.

  • The primary step in wedding preparation is choosing how much cash you are going to make a budget and spend.
  • Plan for the invites four months beforehand. Invites ought to be sent by mail 4 to 6 weeks beforehand. Take the invites to the post office to be weighted for adequate postage.
  • On your wedding bring along an emergency situation package with a nail polish, hairspray, barrettes, safety pins, needle and thread, and additional
  • Start looking for a bridal gown 6 months ahead of time. You will require a number of fittings prior to it is best.
  • Do your hair and makeup prior to placing on your bridal gown or sari.
  • Plan your honeymoon 6 months beforehand. Make all bookings and plans well ahead of time.
  • If your budget is small, share your delight and joy with only family and your closest friends.
  • When choosing a catering service attempt to sample their food prior to hiring them, -. Go there to have dinner prior to you hire them if it is a restaurant or you can check out Top Gamos about more weeding planning tips.
  • Invitations must constantly be written by pen, ideally a black water fountain pen.

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