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Wedding Photographer in Paris

Wedding Photographer in Paris

Paris is thought of as the city of love and romance and every couple has a desire to go there once in a lifetime. Being proposed in a special place like Paris and getting engaged or married in Paris is certainly like a fairy tale moment and will be remembered for your entire life. This is why there are many couples who are interested in reportage de mariage à Paris. Paris is a very special place to take the most important decision of your life as there is love in the air and getting a Paris wedding photographer services hired, you can make the entire journey even more beautiful and memorable through a very special wedding photo session.

Nowadays there are several photographers in Paris that can make your wedding photo session a dream come true. You can look for the best photographer at which is the best option to get a photo shoot completed in Paris in a very professional way. The photographers here can also help in selecting the best locations in the city so as to make a gorgeous photo session for your wedding day.

Making a reportage de mariage à Paris creates amazing moments for an event that happens once in a lifetime. When you will return home, you will have some precious moments that you have spent with your life partner and it will be cherished lifelong.

By hiring the services of a professional Paris wedding photographer, you can make every moment of your wedding memorable as well as beautiful as they not only have the expertise to capture beautiful moments in a professional way but, they also portray emotions and feelings within every picture. The emotion of love and care is an integral element of very marriage and capturing these emotions in a photo session is the most important aspect of reportage de mariage à Paris.

Wedding photo session is an art. It is not only a way to spend some lovable moments with your partner but, it is also a way to connect one heart with another for a lifetime. A perfect shoot intends to capture all the feelings that a loved one holds within his heart for his partner. Portraying the perfect and pure love between the couple in reportage de mariage à Paris is the main difference between an ordinary and perfect photo shoot.

If you are lucky enough to get your wedding photos clicked in Paris, then, the services of a professional photographer is the most important task you need to do first.  A reportage de mariage à Paris is something that every couple dreams of. So, if you are getting married and wants to make every moment memorable, hiring a professional photography service is the best way to get every event and feelings captured in a picture. Marriage is an event that happens once in a lifetime and making every moment beautiful and memorable can only be possible if you get the event captured by a professional wedding photographer in Paris.

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Careers in the Wedding Industry – Photography, Kerrie Mitchell

It is time for anther focus on careers in the wedding industry and this week’s is the wonderful Kerrie Mitchell.  When I first contacted Kerrie she was worried that her business might be too new to be featured, as she is shooting her first wedding this summer, but I think that Kerrie is showing amazing commitment and determination to getting her business off the ground – a great inspiration to me and I hope it will be for you too.  Kerrie is currently working as a second shooter and building up her portfolio .  So please, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, consider Kerrie, her photos are amazing and she is building up quite an incredible portfolio.

So, over to Kerrie.

And here is the lady herself…Kerrie Mitchell

What did you do before you became a professional photographer?

When I left university I was desperate for a normal job doing 9-5 and having my weekends free. I just wanted a stable and regular income and the idea of freelancing (like we were advised to by our tutors) scared me to no end! However after two years working in an office I became quite bored of the monotonous day to day routine and sent an application off to work as a photographer on cruise ships. I got the job and spent three months in Alaska and three months in Caribbean photographing the ships passengers. It was hard work, but taught me much more than I ever learnt at university and more importantly gave me the confidence to pose people and  approach anyone and ask to take their picture. Since coming home I’ve worked seasonally as a school photographer and have decided that now is the time to go freelance, because I never want to be locked in a office job again!

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I really enjoy taking pictures of people and I know that sounds very cliche, but it honestly is so fun. Most of my shoots recently have been free to build up my portfolio, and this doesn’t even bother me because I enjoy the process so much. Plus the gratitude from clients when they see their pictures is priceless. I’ll never get that in any other job. I decided to start out on my own as a photographer because its hard to get full time employment in a company as a photographer. I’ve been back and forth between seasonal contracts and temp work and just decided that if I love doing this so much it must be possible to do it full time. There are plenty others out there who have made the same jump and are operating small thriving businesses.

A photo that Kerrie has picked that encapsulates her style: “I pulled a photo from my rock the frock shoot for this. I have a fashion inspired approach to photography and I think this picture conveys that perfectly. I love the colours, and the use of props to tell a story. Thats what I feel my style is developing into; colour, fashion and stories.”

What is it that you particularly love about photographing weddings?

Strangely, I think it’s the pressure! You’re there recording and recording the most important day of a couples lives. I feel really lucky that a bride and groom believe in you so much to invite you along and capture the emotion and excitement of that day for them.

What has been your biggest challenge in setting up on your own?

Where do I start? It’s all been a challenge! Getting my head around the business aspects of becoming full time has been hard, I have a very creative head so when it comes to numbers and figures I’ve been so disheartened. Luckily I’ve been on free business courses to get help with the behind the scenes stuff such as writing my business plan. I’ve also found it so hard to reach clients, it’s easy to say “ok I’m going to run my own photography business” but until you have clients you’re nothing. I’ve been tirelessly networking on Facebook and Twitter to get my name out there, and now it is starting to pay off. I’m still very far off being able to support myself though!

What is the best bit about your job?

I like that I only have myself to answer too. I have complete creative freedom with how my pictures are taken and processed. I have a fashion inspired approach to my photography as fashion editorials in magazines were what first grabbed my attention back in school and college and its stick with me. I really love colour and keeping things simple and I try to make my photos ‘pop’ out from the page. However meeting new people is by far the best bit, each person I photograph is individual and I love that no two photo sessions (or weddings) will ever be the same. That beats 9-5 office monotony any day!

A Recent Favourite of Kerrie’s:  ”This was haaaarrrrrrrd work! I’ve been working a lot recently with teenagers and offering on location photo shoots, this may not be perfect for your audience but still communicates my style of photography. This photo of Sophie was the first teen shoot I did and as soon as I took it I was blown away and excited to carry on with the project. Teenagers love having their pictures taken, and there isn’t much out there marketed towards them. With this picture in particular I adore the whole aesthetic the way she is dressed, the urban landscape and the way the towers behind her are blurred, but still add some oomph! to the picture.”

What piece of advice would you give to anyone else wanting to become a wedding photographer?

Practice as much as you can. I’ve been working for free assisting, making my friends pose for me and even casting models for photo shoots just to get some work for my portfolio. It’s all been great experience too and is a great way of seeing if you are really cut out for doing it full time. Also network as much as possible, get your name out there on Twitter and Facebook and tell everyone you know what you’re up to, you never know who they may know.

Isn’t she lovely?  Massive fan of her and her photography.  Now if you get a few minutes it would be great if you could help Kerrie out by completing her questionnaires on wedding and or/ portrait photography:

And just to finish the post I wanted to share some more of the shots from Kerrie’s Rock the Frock shoot, because I think they are gorgeous…

And keep an eye out for more of Kerrie’s work which will hopefully be hitting these pages very soon!

Visit Kerrie’s website for more beautiful photos.

photo booth montreal

Check Out the Best Photo Booth Montreal Rental Package Here

Do you have a special event that requires special preparation and arrangement? Are you looking for the company that will provide you with best photo booth montreal rental package that will suite your needs? Or you are just looking for the company that will provide you with all the things you need to make your event an eventful one? If these and more are what you are looking for, you are not to look further as this site is the right place you will just get what you want. The renowned team here is currently providing customers with photo booth that will perfectly suit their needs without wasting time. You are going to get stylish and well organized open air photo booth when you check through this site.

Things You Must Know About Photo Booth Montreal

Photo booth packages offered on this site is designed to best suit individual needs. You will be sure of finding the design you need to make your event a stylish and remarkable one when you check through the packages offered on this site. Another thing about the service rendered here by the trained team. You will have so many probes to make your choice when you check through this site for your photo booth.

The Photo Booth Montreal Pricing

You are going to be sure of enjoying great experience with the photo booth rental service rendered on this site. The professionals here are doing everything within their possible ability to make sure that customers get just what they need regarding to design, styles and beautification they need at any point in time. The most interesting thing about photo booth montreal offered here is that they are offered at affordable rate. You will only need $750 for the period of 3 hours which is cheap comparing to what is obtainable in other sites.

Get the Photo Booth You Need Through This Site

You can get the photo booth you need through this site without any problem. The team rendering the service on this site are all trained and highly experience. For that reason, they are able to give the customers exactly what they need at any point in time. They are always there to attend to the need of their customers. The capacity of the photo booth offered here is for 8 people making it suitable for your special event. It also comes with 10 X 12 backdrops in glitter. You can easily go ahead and check through the photo booth offered here before going ahead to invest your money in it.

Some Features of Photo Booth Montreal You Need To Know

There are lots of thing you need to know about photo booth montreal. The photo booth offered here is just what your special event need to become memorable. It is offered with some special features that made it the best among others.  In fact, the features loaded in this wonderful photo booth have made it just what your wedding requires to be the best in your locality. That is the reason why you have to go ahead and check this site for your photo booth and you will not regret that you did.

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Wedding Photographer in Maui

Best Photographer to Capture the Memorable Moments on your Wedding Day

The events like weddings are always special. Everyone wish to capture the moment of happiness and joy. In that case photography is one of the arts that can make the event worth remembering. Just like the other artists, wedding photographer is an artist that can capture the moments professionally to make them special. Wedding photo’s should be fascinating not only for the bride and the groom but also for the all the attendees. Wedding Photographer in Maui does have all the qualities that a professional photographer should have. The Photographers in Maui are different than other photographers because of the following reasons:

  • Professional attitude
  • Always have a wedding plan
  • High quality equipment
  • Flexible schedule
  • Availability
  • Quality timely Delivery

The importance of a true wedding photography concept 

Photographers in Maui always keep the wedding concept in mind. For the same reason truly wedding moments are captured into the camera in an exquisite style. Wedding Photographer in Maui has the required commitment, passion and the dedication that can make any wedding event special. Carefully directed shots can give traditional touch to the wedding photographs in a more glamorous way.

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Austin Texas photo booth

A Photo Booth on Wheels – Has There Ever Been a Better Idea?

Photo Booth on wheelsA nearly-ancient, broken-down camping trailer was just hanging out in the woods. Who knows how many people had passed it by without a second thought? But when married couple Cam and Allison came upon the “canned-ham”-style vehicle from 1962, they found the answer to their dreams. They purchased the trailer and poured their hearts into renovating it, until their new-old Shasta Airflyte became a white-and-mint-green retro masterpiece. They lovingly named her “Tammy the Hammy” and outfitted the inside with a bright, fresh, professional-grade photo booth set-up. There’s a camera, a screen to show previews of the photos, an expert-designed lighting system, and bench seating for up to five people.

That’s how Trailer Booth Photography was born – and using a renovated camping trailer as a photo booth isn’t just a fun DIY idea: it’s practical too! With a photo booth on wheels, Tammy the Hammy can travel to all sorts of events all over Austin and the surrounding area. No event is too large or too small – Trailer Booth Photography is perfect for corporate events, birthdays, festivals, showers, pep rallies, carnivals, weddings, and more! No matter what you’re celebrating, your guests will love taking their memories home in their hands via a beautiful photo strip. The only requirement for setting up the Trailer Booth is flat and even ground. If there’s no electricity available, Tammy the Hammy can be hooked up to a generator!

Having a mobile business is truly a blessing, because we get to see so much of beautiful Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area. Each time we participate in a new event, we meet new and interesting people and see so many beautiful smiles! We’d love to be a part of whatever you’re planning, whether it’s a holiday get-together, a corporate event, a birthday bash, a class reunion, or anything else.  As your Austin Texas photo booth keeps rolling from event to event, we leave behind happy customers who tell their friends, who tell their friends, and our stake in the community continues to grow!

Trailer Booth Photography

1717 S. 5th Street
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 944-0290

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Wedding planning

Keep a Wedding Planning Journal to Ease Anxiety

Wedding Planning Journal

Being a real guy as well as the bridegroom’s best man, the bride needed a guy’s view on how things were going and to make sure the wedding and reception would be as interesting for the bridegroom, who was completing a tour in Iraq, as it’d be for her. As I went through her notes on the thoughts for things she’d to do as well as the things she’d achieved, I understood how worry free she was and why. She’d to be the most comfortable bride I’ve ever met for someone about to be wed in two brief weeks.

Scattered among the outrageously unorganized laptop full of ripped pages out, a pattern appeared. She was maintaining a journal of her wedding planning journal experience, without recognizing it. I spent an entire weekend. I typed up the private parts and distinguished and left the planning in the book. as soon as I ended, what had appeared was an astonishing novella of a lady ‘s encounters with the world of wedding planning and of getting married in general.

Having been a large part of my mom’s remarrying and my sister’s wedding, as well as my own, I understood that my buddy’s bride should be a stressed out wreck prepared to pull out her hair by the roots. She was composed, collected, and had a solid grasp of just what she needed and the best way to get it. This was completely out of character for her. When I looked at the unorganized manner she took notes and jumbled appointments and dates, I really could tell that she wasn’t especially arranged or used to handling such a substantial undertaking. Something had kept her composure and collected through all this and it needed to be the journal.

wedding planning journal

She’d written this all down as if she were describing to him what she were going through on a day to day basis and this had kept her on course and worry free. It’d functioned as a guide as well as a sort of self-treatment for her and enabled her to manage every situation with a clearheaded and purposeful grin that is precisely what occurred and that ensured her wedding would go off with no hitch.

When all is said and done, she helped me considerably more than I could ever have expected to help her although I am aware that I was requested to help her wrap up the loose ends and require a number of the pressure off her. Will serve me well when I’m finally prepared to settle down. Who knows, perhaps someone will print what we learned from this encounter and that’ll help other people to plan their wedding without as much pressure.

Wedding Memory Book Ideas

As the years pass by following your wedding day tons of the significant joyful memories can fade and developing a wedding memory book is a perfect strategy to chronicle the entire marriage procedure to maintain those special memories. Wedding memory books might be obtained readymade with individual pages for a family tree, guest lists and lots of pages for pictures, but you may also make your own. Let us take a look at what you must take into account when making your own wedding book.

Many couples begin to think about their wedding book as they begin preparations for the marriage, and only include it in the list to do; purchase a wedding cake, book a wedding videographer, book hotels etc, however an outstanding thought will be to make one which contains everything before the marriage too. You have to consider if you had enjoy a set of only wedding day memories or in the event that you have to contain the bachelor and bachelorette party that’s bound to get a number of the maximum moments to contain, although perhaps a section in the back of the book ought to be allowed for all those pictures.

Your wedding book can include many, chapters in the event that you like, which may chronicle memory and each particular moment from the time that you first became participated. The most critical thing you should keep in mind is the fact that once the past chapter has been written it might be changed later on, so keep as memorabilia that are much as possible in case you select to edit your book in years to come. If you are choosing photos ensure that you simply retain at least two copies of each in the event you must change the layout and as this allows you to be creative and cut some elaborate shapes you’ll always have reserve footage.

wedding memory book

Let everybody, family as well as friends, understand you’re going to not be aware of how many folks are willing to make a contribution to it and that you simply are definitely going to be making a wedding memory book. Sometimes something as easy as the ribbons on the union bands can fall to the floor undetected, but they will pick it up and give it to you on at the reception if folks understand that you’re making a group of all your memories.

Dependent on when you choose to take up a documentation of your wedding will choose layout and the topic of your book. In the event you intend really early then you definitely can coordinate the book to fit into your wedding motif. In the event that you request your wedding videographer, they are even able to make a video narrative that is separate from the days leading up to your marriage, with your marriage book as the principal topic.

Are you looking for more infomation about wedding journal? Visit this website:

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Photo booth Toronto

Best Place to Rent Your Photo Booth!

With the availability of photo booths that are more like a vending machine, now you can rent them for your birthday bash or a bachelorette party anytime and anywhere. Social photo booth offers this service in three main areas including Dubai, Ottawa and Toronto.

Photo booth Toronto comes in various designs. You can now create different designs along with renting props to add more life to your photos. You can also customize your own props to suit the event where the photo booth is being set up.

What sets social photo booth apart from the other photo booth rentals is the numerous services offered. You have preview screens where you can view yourself before taking a picture. After services include the provision of numerous photos in high quality, which you can also view online.

Social Photo Booth cares for your special events and creates more memories for you to cherish for the rest of your life. There is no need to worry about the budget due to the different packages that are offered. You can even select your own setup or customize it according to your event. So rent your photo booth Toronto now, and make your special day even more special with this.

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wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer: Tips for Finding the Best

Getting married is a brilliant experience which is without any doubt the best and most special day of the couple. There is a strong mixture of emotions as you are excited, happy, but also a bit sad missing friend or family member who is not there with you. However, it is best that you should preserve the most important event of your life in photographs and in this regard the services provided by wedding photographer can never be overshadowed. Finding the best photographer is always difficult because you can’t take risks here because any kind of flaw is going to stay in the picture forever spoiling your memories.

Here are some tips that are helpful in selecting a good wedding photographer.

  • It is always best to check the previous work done by a photographer before finalizing anything. Ask the photographer to show you his latest photo shoot.
  • With experience comes excellence so you must always focus upon hiring wedding photographer that is experienced and possesses a good track record.
  • Technology is evolving with each passing day and a good wedding photographer is the one who has complete set of tools along with modern cameras that are needed for making a picture perfect.

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Professional Photography

What are various advantages of Hiring a Professional Photographer?

Nowadays photography is a pastime for many individuals. Anybody can pick up a camera and snap pictures, however modifying, lighting, and impacts that are where it gets challenging. Professional photographers know photography inside and out.

In some cases, you just have one shot to get the best imagines, so it is essential to hire a professional photographer. Here are a few of the advantages.

Consistency– When taking photos, Professional photographers know how to attain fantastic results. Dealing with a professional will ensure you get quality pictures under any situations.

Technical Abilities– Professional photographers are a lot more than imagine takers. They have mastered the art of lighting, posturing, modifying, and other results. They have the essential abilities to integrate these aspects to provide you unique images that you can treasure permanently.

Professionalism– By hiring a professional photographer, you know you are dealing with somebody who loves what they do. Photographers grow on complete customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to produce pictures that surpass your expectations. Professional Photography enable you to have memories that you can inform stories about for a lifetime.

The majority of people can snap a great image now and then, however when life’s essential events are unfolding, it is best to call a professional photographer and see the distinction it can make.

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female photographer for wedding in Singapore

The Best Female Photographer for Wedding in Singapore

The truth is that your wedding day is the most memorable day in your life. So, it is important for you to do everything possible to ensure the day remains fresh in your memory for the rest of your life. The best way to ensure that you remember every bit of the activities and your mood while you walk down the aisle is through photography. That is why you need best Singapore based wedding photographer. Singapore is one of the places in the world where you can find enormous number of photographers both male and female. But this post is focused on best female photographer for wedding in Singapore you need to here.

Hire the Female Photographer for Wedding in Singapore That Will Capture the Emotions and Events

While most photographers only concentrate on capturing event the renowned female photographer for wedding in Singapore here is known to capture not only the event but also emotion of the bride and groom. For that reason, you will be sure of getting absolute detail of everything that happen when you walk down the aisle when you hire the photographer her. She has good tech improved camera and also posses skill and talent required to take most exceptional photograph for wedding event.

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