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Engagement Rings that can Reflect Your Sentiments

Sometimes you need to express your feelings not just by words but by the gestures as well. Presenting something to someone is a good gesture. The gesture can represent feelings and affection at the same time. Jewelry is always inspirational because it can reflect the purity of the sentiment. There are various types of rings available. There is no hard and fast rule defined for the use of the rings. Rings can be used for various occasions. Any moment can be made memorable with the help of the rings. Rings are said to the sign of devotion and care.  Rings are mostly expensive to buy. The worth of a ring is defined by its type. Rings can be made up of precious metals like gold, silver and many more. Rings are delicate and sensitive in nature and this characteristic makes rings even more valuable. Talking about the rings that are graceful and naturally inspired, earthy engagement rings are said to be the rings that posses both the qualities. We are offering engagement rings that are originally beautiful and gorgeous. The rings that we are presenting to our valuable customers can make any moment special. No matter what type of ring is required, you just have to think about the ring and we will make it a reality. The collection of the earthy engagement rings that we suggest to our valuable customers is not only certified but also meets the required standards.

Brilliance of recycled and refined engagement rings

The popularity of earthy engagement rings is because of various reasons. Our rings are recycled and refined to give brilliance and purity at the same time. There are pure elements used in the rings that we are offering. Our commitment is to provide the type of earthy engagement rings that can have a unique look and appearance. The jewelry process is one of the distinct feature that we have, for the same reason our rings are more eco-friendly.  The cost of our rings is way more less than that of other rings; it is because of the fact that we use extensive eco-friendly practices. We have never compromised onto the quality of the rings. The rings are established and developed through the quality monitoring procedure in which it is ensured that the rings are of superior quality. Our rings are maintenance free and long lasting. The rings are exquisitely crafted by the well known jewelry experts. Due to the finest quality of the rings, any metal can be used with the rings. If you wish to have the ring that can hold a precious gemstone that can be possibility as well. We have wide range of environmental friendly rings that can be best representation of the feelings and emotions. Health and the safety is one of the prime priorities here, we have successfully managed to come up with the type of rings that can offer commitment and brilliance. The combination of the recycled and refined technology gives elegance and sparkle to the rings, moreover every ring that we offer are delightful and bright in nature.

Jewelry Stores in the Jacksonville Area

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Types of Indian Jewelry

The Best Indian Jewelry to Look more Appealing and Glamorous

Indian Jewelry is popular in the world for the finest and elaborated designs. Instead of wearing traditional designs, Asian women prefer to select the jewelry that can coordinate with the dresses. The credit is given to skilled craftsmen who create stylish pieces with clay, wood, plastic, stones, metals and beads to present unlimited astounding collection. Bangles, nose ring, earrings, ring, maang-tika, mangal-sutra and necklaces are being worn to look more appealing and glamorous. Whether you need gold, imitation or diamond jewelry, it will take a few minutes to find your favorite brand and design online. Pota, Kundan, Metal, Thewa and Polki are some of the highly demanded designs.

Types of Indian Jewelry

Wearing the right jewelry gives complement to appearance. Anklets, bracelets, nose rings, necklaces, crowns, earrings, amulets, manglasutra and mang-tika are available in various styles and metals. Some of the most preferred types of Indian jewelry are as follows:

  • Kundan – Embedded gems and stones on ornament
  • Meenakari – Heat resistant colors and gems are enameled on jewelry
  • Jadau- Precious gems are entrenched with Polki in melted gold
  • Gold – Gold jewelry is preferred for brides
  • Lac- Lacquer is embedded to strengthen the jewelry designs
  • Pachchikam – Gems and stones are set in silver metal
  • Thewa – Gold jewelry setting on colorful glass
  • Filigree – Silver jewelry made up of fine wires

Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Indian antique jewelry is crafted by following 100 years of older designs. These days, such designs are in fashion. Rusty and traditional sets are being crafted by using different metals like silver, platinum, gold, iron, aluminum, alpaca and copper. Precious stones (Sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and rubies) or semi-precious stones are studded to make the jewelry within the range of every customer.

Bead Jewelry

Indian bead jewelry

Indian bead jewelry is found in various styles and colors. Ornaments that are crafted with Resin beads, Metal beads, Clay beads, Acrylic Beads, Woven beads, Ceramic beads, Glass beads, Kashmiri beads, Rhinestone beads, Murano beads, Wooden beads and Pearl beads have given a wide range of options for formal events and daily wear.

Bridal Jewelry

Indian Bridal Jewelry

No doubt, jewelry is the most influential part of bridal attire. Each and every girl dreams to look amazing on her special day. It is the reason; the bridal jewelry in form of Shringar Patti, Tikka, Earrings, Necklace, Bangles, Nose Ring, Rings, Bracelets, Toe Ring, Anklet, Mangal Sutra, Arm Band and Waist Band is designed in gold, silver, diamond, platinum, kundan and stones, depending on the budget and particular region and its traditions.

Custom Jewelry

Indian Custom Jewelry

Day by day, the fascination for formal and daily wear jewelry is increasing, as a consequence people prefer to gift jewelry to their special ones on special occasions – birthdays, childbirth, weddings and anniversaries etc. The Emphasis on ornaments has given way to custom jewelry designs that are exclusive and distinctive. Whether you want to buy a pendant, ring, earring or necklace, run your imagination and get a unique piece of jewelry that will etch in mind forever.

Fashion Jewelry

Indian Fashion Jewelry

Indian fashion jewelry can dazzle the customers with its elegant styles. Whatever is the event, people will notice you if your jewelry complements you the best. According to the Asian trends, the ornaments are delicately crafted in order to suit with Sarees, Shalwar Suits, Lehengas, Frocks and Jeans as well.

Filigree Jewelry

Indian Filigree Jewelry

The filigree jewelry is a flimsy type of metalwork, containing twisted threads, small beads or combination of threads and beads. Artistic patterns and complicated designs have made filigree work the most captivating type of jewelry. Bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings have a variety of classical and natural designs including Petals, Peacock, Leafy, Floral, Sunflower, Butterfly, Lotus, Geometric and coral.

Gold Jewelry

Indian Gold Jewelry

People love to flaunt their personal style statement through eye-catching gold jewelry designs. Whether you need to buy bangles, tikka, armlet, ear-rings, mangalsutra, waist belt, anklet, chains, pendants, rings or complete set, you can select various sizes and designs to meet your needs. For striking emergence, the ornaments are paired up artistically with gemstones and diamonds.

Handmade Jewelry

Indian Handmade Jewelry

In past, men and women used to adorn themselves with pearls, shells, flowers, stones and woven grass bracelets. With the development of civilization, the materials as well as styles have evolved. The latest handmade jewelry items are made up of sliver treasures, wood, leather, beads, shells, turquoise and pearl. Experienced crafters and artists work on different materials to offer a wide collection of handmade jewelry.

Ivory Jewelry

Indian Ivory Jewelry

Indian ivory jewelry has acquired an iconic place due to pliability and creamy surface of the bone. Ivory bangles are given as a gift to bride. Orissa, West Bengal and Rajasthan are renowned states where delicate ivory jewelry is crafted. Due to light weight and soft texture, Ivory pendants and bangles are the most demanding items.

Jadau Jewelry

Indian Jadau JewelryThe art of Kundan, Meenakari and Polki are applied to design jadau jewelry. Jadau is heavy weight pricey jewelry. The Mughal jewelry tradition is highly acknowledged in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Jaipur. Jadau bracelets, rings, choker, earrings, necklace, jhumkis and maang-tika are the regal ornaments that are meant for special occasions.

Kundan Jewelry

Indian Kundan Jewelry

Indian kundan jewelry is crafted by embedding a gem with gold foil stuck between the stones. The technique is derived from regal court of Gujrat and Rajasthan. Kundan jewelry is admired for vivid colors and eye-catching designs. The customers can order Polki Kundan Set, Kundan Necklace Set, Kundan Pendant Set and Kundan Pearl Set in Gold, Semi precious stones and inexpensive metals as well.

Lac Jewelry

Indian Lac Jewelry

Lacquer or lac jewelry is designed for married women. The versatile designs of Rajasthan based ornaments have gained great recognition in India and other Asian countries. Though various items are crafted in lacquer jewelry (Timaniyan, Gokhru, Gajra, Rakhi, Bala, Bajuband, Jod), but glass work based bangles have enhanced the magnificence of the jewelry.

Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari Jewelry

Women, who love to wear colorful and bright ornaments, they prefer to purchase meenakari jewelry. Though the tradition to craft enameled designs was started in Rajasthan, but the heat resistant colors have attracted people all over the world. Embedded precious stones and striking designs of paisley, flower, fish and peacock give ethnic touch to this sophisticated type of jewelry.

Navratna Jewelry

Indian Navratna Jewelry

Nine flattering stones (Cat’s eye, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Coral, Ruby, Diamond, Hessonite, Pearl, Emerald) are embedded in navratna jewelry. According to Indian culture, these nine stones have great spiritual power and make certain the well-being of the wearer. Due to religious, historical and astrological significance, this type of jewelry has given distinctive place.

Pachchikam Jewelry

Indian Pachchikam Jewelry

The pachchikam jewelry has the charm of old world. The fabulous designs were originated in Kutch and Gujrat. Apart from Gold, the fragile Pachchikam jewelry designs are also available in Silver which make the flashy jewelry within the range of all customers. These ornaments are usually worn on festivals and with western dresses as well.

Silver Jewelry

Indian Silver Jewelry

In addition to Gold jewelry, the trend to purchase silver jewelry is on the peak. The luxury jewels including chains, nose rings, toe rings, armlets, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings form an essential part of jewelry. ans of silver metal are given opportunity to choose modern minimalistic or traditional styles to impress others.

Stone Jewelry

Indian Stone Jewelry

These days, the stone jewelry is quite popular. It has become an essential part of men and women’s life for aesthetic and spiritual reasons. According to ruling planet and astrological significance, people wear different types of stones including Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Diamond, Turquoise, Kyanite, Jasper, Alexandrite, Diamond, Cat’s eye, Moonstones, Opal, Zircon, Topaz and Ruby etc.

Temple Jewelry

Indian Temple Jewelry

There are three categories of Indian jewelry, named as Bridal Jewelry, Spiritual Jewelry and Temple Jewelry. The temple jewelry was first used to embellish the idols. Now, the fascinating designs are also worn by brides and classical dancers. The customized dance sets, Kemp necklaces, Haaram long necklaces, Choker, Jhumkas, Hair Jewels and Bangles are designed with gold, uncut precious stones and sea pearls.

Tribal Jewelry

Indian Tribal Jewelry

The rich tribal jewelry has unique styles to distinguish various tribes. The innovative format of tribal jewelry is still preserved. Shells, bone, crude metals, clay and wood are used to craft these ornaments. The rustic charm has made this jewelry perfect for different outfits. Evergreen ethnic ornaments (belly dance cuffs, kuchi necklace, nose rings, anklet and combo bracelet) describe the socio-cultural customs of various groups.

 History of Indian Jewelry

The history of Indian jewelry started with the olden times of the country. Almost 5000 years ago, the people of this land felt great charm for jewelry and beautifying themselves. Since that time, the curiosity for ornaments and beautification has never dwindled.

  • For Indian rulers, ornaments were taken as statement of authority, prestige and wealth.
  • To adore the idols, temple jewelry was crafted through finest handwork.
  • Later on, sparkling jewelry was particularly designed to make the appearance of classical Indian dancers exquisite.
  • To highlight the magnetic appearance of Indian women, stunning jewelry pieces (from head to toe) were crafted.
  • With the passage of time, the trend to create bridal jewelry began to suit the attire of bride.

Significance of Indian Jewelry

Indian women use jewelry for adornment. On auspicious events, women are given jewelry as a gift. Apart from making women more attractive, there is particular significance of Indian jewelry. Here is the description of some jewelry pieces and their scientific or cultural consequence:

Nose Ring

It is an essential and seductive part of bridal jewelry. It is believed that married women will tolerate less pain if they have pierced nose on the spot where nose ring is being worn.


Beautiful bangles have fervent and romantic connotations. It is believed that bangles help in improving the circulation level of blood and giving way to energy to pass through the skin.


Necklace is exquisite ornament that can control emotions, make hypnotize attempts unsuccessful and help in strengthening one’s love.


The middle finger is used to wear the wedding ring. As the finger is connected with the heart, so the ring helps in directing the emotions and getting good health.


Married women wear mangalsutra as it represents the commitment and feelings of love between a couple. It is significant that this ornament has power to control blood pressure and circulation level normal in the body.

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Buy Bangles Online to match Wedding Customs and Rituals

The wedding customs and rituals are of great importance specifically when we talk about dressing codes and jewellery.  Bangles are considered as one of the sumptuous jewelry that can be used on variety of occasions. The ladies bangles that we offering can perfectly represent wedding customs and rituals. Whenever you portray events like wedding the first thing that will be striking the mind is the role that jewellery and womens heels needs to play. Considering wedding customs and their importance, our online services can provide following types of the bangles:

  1. Shell
  2. Lac
  3. Glass

Offering the privilege of wearing the bangles 

The ranges of bangles that we are offering to our valued customers have everlasting shine, not only this every single bangle that is purchased through our link can represent grace.  Visitors can also buy bangles online using embedded materials. The embedded bangles are more poised and superior than the ordinary bangles available on other links. Buyers can have Indian bangles online that can literally be used with every kind of attire. You may have other jewellery choices, but bangles are the best alternatives for the expensive jewellery. Our each and every bangle is a masterpiece because our jewellery is known to have the significance in the market.

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The Fashion Bangles and the Feminine Grace

As women you need to have the grace in every item you wear. Ladies need to have the supporting role not only from the cloths, but jewellery can also play its part in a more meaningful way. There is no doubt that glass bangles are more fashionable than the conventional bangles. Most of the fashion bangles are made up of glass. It is because of creative design that glass bangles can offer. Glass bangles can have everything that a bangle should have; there are serene colors available in glass bangles. These bangles can use other ornaments as well. One of the advantages of our bangles collection is that these bangles are also available in artificial format. Just like the gold or bronze bangles our glass bangles are also classy. There is a pure feminine grace that our bangles and heels for women can truly represent. Popular colors are available with the wide range of the bangles. These colors are

  1. Red,
  2. Yellow
  3. Light Green
  4. Silver
  5. Pink
  6. Maroon
  7. Golden

Bangles from specific regions

Our online bangle service is the only service that is offers multiple bangles from various regions. Likewise if you are looking for Bengal region glass buy bangles online, you can get these bangles conveniently from our link.

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Hand Crafted Fashion Bangles for Domestic Use

It is normally perceived that jewellery is a type of item that is used on events only. However in most parts of the world women’s use jewellery items for regular use. For regular use, jewellery needs to have the required quality. We offer quality Hand crafted jewellery to all the users. Bangles are one of those jewellery items that can be domestically used. Ladies bangles that we are offering are ideal for daily use; it is because of the material that is used in the manufacturing. The advantages of these bangles are:

  1. Lower in prices
  2. Available on discount
  3. Can be used roughly
  4. Easy to wear

Why fashion bangles are more in demand?

Fashion bangles are multipurpose. The fashion bangles can be used with typical dressing. Even if you are wearing a shirt, you can still wear the bangles. Due to low prices, you can have as much bangles online shopping and high heels online as you want using our online links. The bangles are always high in demand, but with our website you can get every article conveniently. As online sellers we have all the required stock available. Unlike other links we always backup stock for all type of the users. Users just need to shop online and we will surely deliver the selected article to the doorstep of the buyer.

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Compliment your Wedding Dress with Designer Bangles

There is no way better than the jewellery to complement your personality and dress. Bangles are Common type of jewellery that has anciently history. Glass bangles are colorful bangles that have reasonable weight. Due to its properties these bangles are said to be suitable for every age group. There are multiple colors in which these bangles are available. The bangles made of glass are not only cheap but these bangles are also sensitive in nature. The presentation of the glass bangles is outstanding and that makes glass bangles complementary. There are bright colors used in such type of bangles. These bangles are:

  1. Resistive to water
  2. Soothing
  3. Useable with other bangles
  4. Eco-friendly

What does our bangles symbolizes?

Our bangles can represent purity of the emotions. Our bangles are also available in variety of sets. Users can get designer bangles, these bangles can be added with the simple colorful bangles .Collectively these indian bangles and platform heels can present wonderful combinations. The Women’s bangles that are made up of glass are delicate in nature, the glass bangles also gives a pleasant sound. Due to the superior quality, the glass bangles are resistive in nature, atmospheric effects doesn’t have any kind of impact onto the glass bangles. For the same reason, glass bangles can be used for extended period of time.

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Quality Indian Bangles Online with multiple Choice

Bangles are termed as one of the ornaments that can truly represent Indian culture and tradition. The bangles and  high heel shoes can be used by married or unmarred women. Considering the importance of bangles, we are offering quality Indian bangles to the ladies through our online link. Just like the other ornaments bangles also have certain properties that make them different. Every bangle that is available on our online website is amazing and useful. The materials with which bangles can be made are:

  1. Glass
  2. Conch
  3. Sealing-wax
  4. Ivory 

Bangles and traditional dressing styles

You need to admit the fact that ornaments are used considering the dressing style as well. The bangles that we are offering are suitable for every dressing style. Weather you wear a casual top or a sari, you can use our bangles online shopping.  The variety of bangles that can be purchased through our link can be used in various dressing styles. More importantly with every traditional style, these bangles can be used with the various combinations. With the provision of multiple colors, the bangles can be more useful with the traditional dresses. The purpose of providing bangles online is to promote diverse cultural concepts to all the online users that seek multiple options for different dresses.

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handmade earrings

Charismatic Jewellery Designs and Fashion Earrings

One of the top considerations for the jewellery buyers is that they always seek the originality. If you are inexperienced in buying the artificial jewellery online, then you have to very careful or else you can purchase jewellery from our online link. You can blindly trust our online jewellery sales because:

  1. We have the highest reviews
  2. We have large number of permanent users
  3. We have original earrings
  4. We have all the listed brands

The jewellery items like the handmade earrings are offered with the highest quality because we believe in proving the superior quality on affordable prices. Our online jewellery store can blindly be trusted because we deal in 100% original jewellery products. All the brands that are listed on to the website are reputed enough to be trusted. Innovative brands designs are provided to the online users so that they can enjoy wearing fashion earrings in the best possible way.

Glance at Charismatic Jewellery designs

If you looking for a charismatic jewellery designs that can add charm to the personality ,then you can preferably use our online source because we have all the required experience in selling all kinds of jewellery.  As women, if you wish to buy earrings online, you just need have a glance on Charismatic Jewellery designs typically intended to get you an exceptional look.

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earrings for women

Buy Exclusive Earrings online at Special rates

It is normally perceived that the jewellery is an expensive item. To some extent it is true but not always. Even if you have limited budget, you can still manage to buy jewellery online. While buying jewellery items like the earrings, you need to focus on two things. First one is the source from where you are buying the earrings for women and second one is the quality of the product and the price. Our website is typically designed to give both the advantages to the buyers. The buyers can buy earrings online in a cheaper way.  It is because

  1. Earring prices are very competitive
  2. Promotions are offered
  3. Discounts are available all the time

Multiple choices within limited price range

You may have a limited budget, but with our online link you can buy more than one items. It is because of the fact that we are offering women’s earrings on nominal rates. There are various promotions offered. Considering the promotions means, buyers can save large amount of money. You can even have two or more items within the same price range. So, you just to visit our online once in order to get an idea about the type of jewellery and their price range.

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