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How to Have the Perfect Wedding Album: Wise Expert Advice!

Do you already know how to get a unique wedding album? Great photographers and industry experts give you the keys you need!

The photo book of your great day must tell the story of the wedding with great detail, with the beauty and love that you felt in those moments. It is important that you essentially capture everything that happened. Couples sometimes because of carelessness or “laziness” do not devote the necessary time to this part of the “post-wedding”. That is why great wedding photographers of the current scene give you the keys to get the perfect wedding album. Aim!

Less is always more

“My advice for a perfect album is that less is more, that not having more photos on the album means that it will be better, but quite the opposite,” Full Frame photographers say .

To create your album is to create a narrative and not a simple container of images, or at least that is what the photographer of M2 Visual Studio thinks. “I like to create books with which couples can enjoy their photographs, which means that the number of photographs is limited (in most cases there is only one photo per page), creating a dialogue with the previous page and the next” he says.

Your album is only yours

Do not get carried away in a hurry and do not choose the photos of the album immediately after the digital files are delivered. As Javier Arroyo says, “the images must rest, because we do not see them with the same eyes the first or the second time we enjoy them when a couple of weeks have passed and we have shown them to our closest families or friends. Those photos that, after seeing them three or four times, continue to excite us the most, are the ones that should undoubtedly be in the wedding album.”

In addition and in regard to your friends and family recommends not to get carried away by the opinions of others. The protagonists are you!

Moments that should not be missing

The departure of the couple, along with the reactions, congratulations, rice and / or petals … All those moments should be included in your album. An idea that the photographer defends is that, as she herself says: “after all the nerves and emotions contained at the beginning of the day, there it is celebrated that you will already be husband and wife and the joy shared by all”. In addition, it is also important that the album collect your complicity. Your first time alone and married!

Don’t forget the details

Throughout the organization, taking into account some things more than others, but planning everything with great care you have worried that nothing will fail. That is why we must give these details the importance they have and that they are reflected in your album.

“I think they look beautiful on the boyfriend’s album, they complement each other perfectly with the groups, the people… And I also think they can be very elegant in the design, apart from that they make us relive why those were your shoes or why that crush on your dress.


It is obvious. Your images should represent you and also remind you of the happiness of that day. “I always recommend to the bride and groom to choose the photos that most convey what they felt that day, to choose those of details, looks, gestures captured without them noticing… Avoiding group photos because they should form a special, different album, very personal. In the end, these photos are almost always inns, less natural”, a photographer who also expresses that even if ten years pass, those photos should convey how your great day was.

The book

Regarding the album, professionals advise you to know all the alternatives, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages. “I advocate the book because it allows editing with 100 pages or more without the final result weighing or bulging too much. It is the perfect solution for the couple to feel like leaving home with their book to show it to everyone” they say.

The different types are: the traditional one with enlarged photos stuck on black cardboard sheets; the digital one, in large photographic paper glued on cardboard that is then sewn by the spine, and the book , offset photo paper , of great quality and many types.

High quality prints

It is ideal for your photographer to work with these types of prints as well as for bookbinding. As they explain from Full Frame, “it is something that has to endure over time.” That is why you must demand quality first.

Beware of offers

Do not be seduced by them. A quality album, made with care, in high resolution paper and with good inks cannot cost the same as other commercial alternatives.

What really matters?

And it is that as Javier Arroyo, wedding photographer himself says, “the perfect wedding album is the one that collects the most special moments of the great day and manages to transport whoever sees it to those moments that he has lived or even makes people who they couldn’t get excited looking at the snapshots” There’s no more!

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Wedding Flowers

Florists: 5 Tips to Sell More

The flower shop business doesn’t go out of style. Generation after generation, Mexicans maintain the custom of giving flowers on special dates, such as Mother’s Day, Day of the Dead, Valentine’s Day or birthdays. This is good news for entrepreneurs in the sector: according to data from the Mexican Council of the Flower, the consumption of cut flowers in Mexico reaches $ 10,000 million a year.

Of course the competition is a lot. And not to disappear, a florist has to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovate in its offer and work day by day on the profitability of its operation. The growth formula that experts recommend could be summed up in three words: creativity, technology and service. Here we explain in more detail what it is.

1. Work in your own style

Today you can buy flowers anywhere, from a street stall to a self-service store or an application. To avoid competing on price, it is important that you give a value to your offer; you become the number one choice of customers. That difference can be in the style of your arrangements (for example, have you thought about including candy or fashion accessories?), in the exceptional quality of the service or in the ability to surprise your consumers.

2. Diversify your market

The most traditional florists usually stay focused on their lifelong customers. A typical case is those businesses located near a funeral home, which simply sell crowns and bouquets of very simple flowers. But markets move fast, and we cannot fail to take into account the growth of online sales. Analyze what your current market is, where new trends and opportunities could be, and what you need to do to gain new consumers. Keep in mind that one of the most profitable segments are events, such as weddings, parties or congresses. You can also add new services, such as gardening or landscaping.

3. Refine the operation

Large florists use at least 80 varieties of flowers, and this number represents many challenges regarding inventory management . First, because the cut flowers have a short life, and secondly, because they are delicate products that need special care for storage and transport. That is why it is so important that you have an administration system that allows you to register operations such as sales, purchases, billing and inventory control from anywhere in the store .

4. Give the best customer service

A person who gives flowers is very demanding regarding details such as respect for the place and time of delivery, the status of the arrangement or that the greeting card has the correct information. Be very careful also with the cleanliness, aroma and decoration of the store: storing the flowers in buckets on the floor and having withered arrangements on display will send a bad message to your current or potential consumers. And do not forget to offer different payment options, today there are no excuses for not being able to charge with credit or debit cards.  

5. Stay in permanent communication with your customers

Do not let your florist live only on impulse sales, on the contrary, keep in touch with your most loyal consumers , know what the special dates are in their life and remind them that you are there to help them make the best gift or surprise An important person. To do this, you need to work in a database that includes the name, phone and email of your customers, but also the birthdays and other special dates of your loved ones.

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Event Planning

Live Music? Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Singapore Wedding Live Band

If you want the dance floor to explode at your marriage party, then live music will be the best option. Write down these tips on everything that involves hiring a band.

As important as choosing the banquet and betting on a correct decoration for marriage, is to select music to set the mood for the party. And is that once they declare the vows, with those beautiful phrases of love chosen especially for that moment, and exchange their gold rings, the guests will want to eat, drink and dance.

Are you sure which music you will choose? Live or just packed? Whatever the style, the truth is that hiring a group will always be a good option, since live music is the best thing to liven up a party. Here you will find everything you need to know to make the best decision.

1. Extra budget

The first thing to take into account is that they will need to disburse money that they might not have considered in the initial budget. They may have to subtract other items, such as wedding ornaments or forget about the candy bar. Therefore, they will have to evaluate the different offers very well and choose the one that best suits your pocket.

2. Also hire a DJ

The orchestra or musical group will surely offer a show of about two or three hours, so they will still need someone to take care of the packaged music. That is, they cannot do without the DJ, no matter how much they hire musicians.

3. A dynamic environment

If you have already decided on this alternative, congratulations, you will not regret it. And it is that live music makes anyone and a band vibrate, be it tropical, pop-rock, eighties or indie will create a much more dynamic atmosphere in marriage. This is because the musicians usually interact with the guests, they can suggest songs to them, they take out dancing women in their blue party dresses and, in general, they give a touch much more on to any celebration.

4. Start the search with time

The groups that specialize in playing in marriages, whether covering or with an original repertoire, usually have the coped agenda as they work mainly on weekends, especially on Saturdays. Therefore, once decided, it is recommended to close the contract as soon as possible , so as not to run out of artists for the day they say “yes, I want”; she, with a simple wedding dress to dance without problems and he, with a casual suit to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy the party.

5. Consider the dimensions of the place

For example, which are all the rage in marriages, are characterized by being composed of numerous members and, in some cases, even include dancers. For this reason, it is essential to take into account whether the number of musicians and the instruments of each one will be accommodated at the venue. On the other hand, they should consider that they may need a place for artists to change their clothes, in addition to catering with food and drink. This last point should always be consulted when checking each of the options.

6. Seek recommendations

If you have never heard the band play live and still have doubts, go to Internet forums where you can find comments from other boyfriends who have hired them before. Thus they will have more background on performance, sound quality and punctuality level, among other relevant aspects. Be careful! Before hiring any supplier, it is essential to quote and try the product, be it the wedding cakes, with a delicious tasting, or ask permission to see how you play the band you want, in a marriage prior to yours. Turn to the references and check in first person the quality of what you are hiring.

7. Do not leave loose ends

Finally, consult the representative of the group everything you can think of in order to be 100% calm with your decision. Ask, for example, if they can improvise songs in their repertoire, if they need to pause between the shows, what is their payment system, if a dressing room needs to be adapted and if they have any other event that same night, among other questions.

They already know it! If you want to throw the house out of the window, hire live music for your marriage knowing all these tips. But, just as there is no party without music, neither will there be without wedding dresses and less, without wedding rings , so start your search in time to enjoy peace of that special day.

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How to Customize My Shirts with Transfer

T-shirts are a timeless garment; they serve everything and are basic in our closets at any time of the year. In addition, they have the advantage that they never go out of style. But there are times that you not only want a shirt that you like, but you may need shirts for an event, for a gathering of friends, to go camping or partying to your town or for any act where you want to have your own shirt. Custom t-shirts are a great advertising claim, a support to publicize your company or association, but they can also be a method of expressing your ideas, a form of identification, a claim, a revelation of your tastes or to give voice to a group through a cheap and resistant support. The possibilities are endless.

The transfer printing technique requires the minimum possible investment and is a technique of great quality and durability that gives great visibility to the garments because it allows reproducing colors with enough fidelity, in addition to high quality and many details. Among its advantages, it stands out that the edges are well defined, the printing details are finer, it can be applied using a paper support because it consists of four colors and is very simple and quick to use.

What do I need to print on transfer?

The equipment needed to perform this technique is very simple: a computer, a graphic design program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand or Coreldraw, a printer, transfer paper sheets and a transfer plate. And the steps do not require much difficulty: first you must choose the design or photo you want from the graphic design program, then you have to print it and finally apply it on your shirt with a heat iron.

Detail of transfer printing technique on t-shirt

I want to customize a shirt: what kind of print do I choose?

The type of printing is given by different factors, depending on what you are looking for in your personalized shirt:

  • If you are looking for the best quality, the option is textile vinyl.
  • If you are looking for the cheapest option choose screen printing.
  • If you are looking for the most durable alternative, screen printing will be your choice.
  • If you are looking for speed in production, choose screen printing.
  • For short runs the most advisable is textile vinyl.

For long runs the most advisable is screen printing and go to companies specializing in personalization and textile screen printing, which have the necessary machinery to print your shirts quickly.

The transfer offers you the advantage of being applicable to any type of fabric. Its quality control is done on paper and not on fabric, in this way the tares are reduced by 97% with respect to conventional printing, as well as it reduces costs and production times compared to traditional direct screen printing.

Some ideas for your textile customization

In most companies you can choose from a wide range of modern t-shirts: fitted long-sleeved, short, sports, breathable, etc.

Personalized shirts for companies: either to dress your employees or as a promotional gift for your potential customers. They can give your company its own identity and your brand will be visible to many more people.

T-shirts for NGOs and associations: it helps them spread their message throughout the world. Some companies collaborate with these organizations by donating the shirts for their events.

Sports equipment: what better way to “make pineapple” with personalized equipment for the whole team, personalized with the number and name of each player. You only need to think about the colors, the design of the shield and “feel the shirt”.

T-shirts for clubs: in your town there will be more than one club and a good way to identify yourself and leave a mark is dressing your whole club with an original personalized shirt, with a fun slogan and the name of the group, for example.

T-shirts for the end of the course: if you want to finish the race demonstrating that feeling of union to your classmates or you want to promote yourself to raise funds for the end-of-course trip, a t-shirt from your faculty or with a fun slogan can give a lot of play. Get out of your university through the big door.

T-shirts for farewells: bachelor parties have become a tradition, and what better memory of the last single day than a personalized and fun t-shirt planned by the friends of the couple.

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10 Tips to Create Custom T-Shirts with Your Own Designs

More and more people decide to create t-shirts with their own designs. These shirts have the advantage that they fully adapt to the tastes of the person wearing it and transmit just what he wants. Designing personalized shirts is not difficult if some criteria are taken into account, such as the following:

1. Take your time to choose the design for your shirt

Reflect on what you want to convey. Draw, aim, shape, cross out, check with the pillow and consider other options until you have totally clear the design you want to capture in your custom shirts.

2. Imagine first, plasma later

A design that is in your head is not the same as seeing it embodied in the garment. So, one option is to print what you think in real size and place it on a shirt, to see the effect.

3. Customize t-shirts with simple designs

It is true that small details can make a difference, but the best designs are usually simple and are able to convey the message in the simplest way.

4. Who will wear your designs?

It is not the same to be making a design for you, than to do it because you want to create personalized shirts for a specific type of audience. If so, other aspects have to be taken into account, as if the shirt is for men or women, or how old it is, what it will be used for, or what it likes.

5. Customize advertising t-shirts with humor

All great designs hide a point of subtle humor, which can help to attract more attention even than a perfect design, very serious or too sober.

6. Choose the color range well

If you use the shades effectively and choose complementary colors, you are more likely to design t-shirts that are visually appealing. Do not forget that the right choice of colors is related to aspects such as the durability of the garment.

7. Use specific design software and save time 

If you are going to screen print your design, use Pantone colors. If you use Illustrator or Photoshop and you do not have thorough knowledge of these programs, do not forget to consult the tutorials that will tell you how to properly prepare your design to make it perfect.

8. Meet the latest trends in style and fashion

There are pages like Nice Fucking Graphics where you can understand everything related to graphic design and other websites where you can soak up the concepts of street art or pop culture. If you want to make designs on a regular basis, never leave aside self-training.

9. Get inspired, but never copy the designs

There are a multitude of sources in which you can be inspired, but if you really want a personal and personalized design, or stand out in the creation of a new signature of personalized shirts, do not copy what you have seen or follow the criteria of the latest fashions. Be able to create.

10. Trust the experts to stamp your shirts

Screen printing is an art and requires specialized professionals and equipment with the latest technology. Choose the company well to create your personalized shirts and you will get the best final product.

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10 Tips to Relax the Day before the Wedding

The countdown that takes you to day B comes to an end. In just over 24 hours your new life begins. As you know, it is not easy to manage this big occasion, so we give you 10 secrets to spend it in the most relaxed way possible, so you can just think about enjoying your special day.

After weeks of thinking about original ideas for your wedding, worrying about finding the bridal bouquet that best matches your dress, finding comfortable wedding shoes and a thousand other things… the big day is about to arrive. You don’t want to feel totally exhausted, so take care and disconnect with the wider world. Want to know how? To help you, we have compiled these 10 tips. Take note!

1. Practice a sport that allows you to disconnect

The day before the wedding you probably don’t want to do a crossfit class or run the risk of being injured in a strenuous activity. However, practicing a sport that relaxes you in some way will still come in handy. Sweating a little, will relieve you of the stress you may feel and will guarantee you have no problems when it comes to wearing your perfect princess-cut wedding dress.

2. Turn off your mobile phone or leave it to someone you trust

To avoid any useless stress, it is better that you disconnect from the outside world. If you can, disconnect completely from your mobile and leave it with someone you can trust who can answer any inquiries from suppliers and guests.

3. Rest all you can

We understand that this is easier said than done. However, a good dose of rest before facing the flood of emotions that await you the next day is essential to show off a fresh and beautiful face. To avoid the risk of having dark circles, we advise you to go to bed early. And if you think you won’t be able to fall asleep, force yourself to take a quick nap or enjoy a relaxing infusion or tea! You will notice the difference.

4. Prepare your “survival kit” for a girlfriend

As prevention is better than cure, we advise you to prepare a bag with a trusted relative or close friend with some things that can “save your life” on day B. This task will occupy your mind and relax you. Inside that “survival kit” you can include scarves, makeup, wipes, strips, deodorant, safety pins, perfume, flat wedding shoes and anything that can make you feel calmer.

5. Relax with a spa or massage

Relaxing massage, manicure, circuit in a spa … Taking care of yourself is a very effective way to relax before the wedding and helps your body to be in top shape. If you do not have the budget, the solution is at your fingertips and can be found at home: prepare a hot bath with foam, listen to romantic wedding songs that you have selected and you will see how you forget everything.

6. Practice your marriage vows

Take advantage in the hours before the wedding to review your speech. Having a clear head with what you want to say to your partner on the day of your union will make you feel calmer. If you still think that on the wedding day you can fail, make “notes” for added security.

7. Forget the wedding, it’s time to delegate tasks

You have spent months preparing and organising everything, so the time has come to delegate. Do some guests plan to arrive today? May your parents or one of your friends arrive together? Is there any decorations left to put on? “Hire” your friends. Explain what needs to be done first thing and come back in the afternoon. They will love your ideas! Should we deal with suppliers? With this attitude you will be more relaxed and have your loved ones more involved in what will undoubtedly be the best day of your life.

8. Do what you want most

Between choosing gifts for wedding guests, making the seating plan and controlling all the preparations you have been thinking about others for months. This is “your day” – Treat yourself and do what you like best! Eat your favourite meal, go shopping, watch your favourite movie, meet friends … Anyway, take time and you will see the hours go by.

9. Don’t forget the boyfriend

Among so many talks about finding fun ideas for the wedding and meetings with different providers, the time you have shared with your boyfriend in recent weeks has been somewhat short. And tomorrow you will not have as much privacy. So take advantage of the day before you meet again to spend time with him. Between the two of you, as long as you avoid talking exclusively about the wedding, you’re sure to calm any nerves you may have.

10. Take a walk

The day before your wedding do not stay locked in alone. Share a pleasant walk with someone who best understands you, be it your mother, your sister or a friend, and take the opportunity to clear your mind by talking about everything a little.

Hopefully, these little tips will allow you to be 100% on day B. Because we take it for granted that the more relaxed you are, the better your spectacular wedding will be and you will appear rested, which will enhance your beauty. So … Enjoy!

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Event Planning

Bulverde Books, A leading Publisher of Wedding Planners

Bulverde Books, a leading publisher of wedding planners, has revised and updated one of its most popular wedding planners and organizers to HELP YOU plan for your daughter’s wedding starting 12 months before or starting any time before the wedding. 

This guide tracks monthly, weekly and daily details to help you plan for a perfect wedding.

Avoid the stress! Make life easier with this guided notebook full of check lists, planning and note pages.
• Handy fill-in lists and charts to help you to gather all the essential information you need to stay on track.
• Guided note-taking pages help organize vendor and venue information.
• Budget Planning including a Budget Guide, Budget Percentages, and Budget Worksheets
• 3 Sets of vendor pages included so you can get multiple quotes to help select the right vendors.

This BOOK contains all the information w you need to paln the perfect wedding including the following: 
• Wedding Planner
• Wedding Budget Information (including Budget Guide, Budget Percentages, and Budget Worksheets)
• Master Planning Checklists including the following (12 Months Before Checklist, 9 Month Before Checklist, 6 Months Before Checklist, 3 Months Before Checklist,1 Month Before Checklist, 1 Week Before Checklist, The Day Before Checklist, and The Big Day Checklist)

This detailed planner and organizer also contains the following checklists with extra pages so you can collect bids and evaluate vendors. 

• Wedding Party Checklist
• Photographer Checklist
• Videographer Checklist
• DJ/Entertainment Checklist
• Florist Planner
• Wedding Cake Checklist
• Transportation Planner
• Names and Addresses
• Caterer Details
• Menu Planner
• Wedding Guest Checklist
• Seating Planner

You can order your book here.

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How to be a Professional Wedding Photographer

Are you excited about photography and have the necessary equipment to take pictures? Very well, but you should know that this is not enough, since you need to have the necessary tools to be a professional wedding photographer and start earning money.

The first thing you have to do to start working as a wedding photographer is to have a professional team. It is clear that you cannot afford the principle of having a suitcase like the professionals, but at least you should have the basics at a professional level:

  • A good reflex camera
  • Memory cards
  • goals
  • Tripod
  • Flashes

A photo editor and a powerful computer.

If your intention is to earn money as a wedding photographer, you must train as a professional. If you have done it and have studies or courses that accredit you as a professional, great!

To publicize your work, you can publish your ads for free; the business sectors are the numbers that use it to advertise to individuals and companies.

You also have to take into account what price you are going to charge, you do not want a client to ask for a quote and you have no idea how much to charge, create a price chart to know what you are going to charge for working hours and what kind of work and adjust it when necessary

Also do not forget that you are starting and that offering a competitive price for your work can help you find new customers.

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Event Planning

Tips to Find a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help you realize your dream of having a perfect wedding and remember it as a wonderful day and not as a day of nerves.

It is also called wedding consultants or coordinators, wedding planners are the right hand of the bride, and they take care of every last detail in the ceremony and reception. She or he can be there at any time, after the ring is on the finger or control the guests at the reception. The bride has the option of giving much or little responsibility to the planner.

But, how do you know if you should hire a wedding planner? Here are some examples in which a wedding planner can help you:

The first and probably the most important goal of a wedding planner is to relieve the stress of the couple.

If you are thinking about a budget, the wedding planner will be sensitive and also be able to balance the expenses. A good planner will prioritize what he has. The wedding planner will not only make you fit your budget, but also knows many vendors and can find special offers that you would not otherwise be able to reach.

A wedding planner will be flexible enough to accommodate your dreams, they must have the creativity to encourage and execute their ideas. It’s about your wedding. However, these professionals know what is and is not acceptable for a wedding ceremony. A good wedding planner will be honest with you about your ideas.

If the ceremony is planned to take place outside your city, a good planner will be familiar with the geography and will know the best providers for that area.

One of the most important qualities of a wedding planner knows where he is moving. Ask him what type of wedding he likes and ask him to see samples of his past events. A suitable planner can reduce the options in a certain category depending on your taste.

Finally, wedding planners are aware of all the questions that everyone forgets to ask. If the ceremony is outside, remember where the bathrooms are or if the laptops need to be rented. It is the job of a wedding planner and will not leave any corner untouched.

There are many free ad pages on the internet that you can use to search for the closest planners in your area. Remember to interview each applicant to see if they are qualified. Once you hire a wedding planner, relax and enjoy your great day.

Event Planning Events & Parties

Music for Weddings – Choose the Best Option for Your Wedding

Throughout the years we are building the soundtrack of our life, music marks the special moments and there is no doubt that your wedding day will be one of them.

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Organizing a wedding involves making many decisions that will mark one of the most important days of your life: the place of celebration, the decoration, the photos, the food, the music … at a wedding everything adds up to make it a success for the guests, but especially for the couple.

Music is part of our lives; so on such a special day, it is important to take time to choose the music of your wedding. And this is where we come in, we help you find the best musical options for each act of the wedding, take note!

Music for the ceremony

The music of the ceremony, whether a civil wedding or a religious wedding, must be chosen in great detail. The guests will witness your complicit glances while you give the expected “I do” and the music, of course, will also play a very important role at this time.

In the case of civil weddings, you have more options to customize the ceremony to your liking, but in religious ceremonies it is more limited.

A trio or string quartet is a safe bet for any type of ceremony, yes, the repertoire will be broader for civilians.

You can choose from a wide repertoire of classic and modern pieces. Among the favorite topics for ceremonies is Pachelbel’s Canon, Aria de la Suit No. 3 of Bach, Ave Maria de Schubert, and Adagio de Albinoni and, of course, the Bridal March.

The modern repertoire is more appropriate for a civil ceremony, cocktail or banquet. They have adaptations of current songs and mythical soundtracks such as Breakfast with Diamonds, La Vida Bella, Wizard of Oz or La Land. But of all this we already talked to you in our post about tips for hiring trios or string quartets for parties and events.

If you’ve always liked black music and your hair stands on end every time you listen to a gospel choir, you do not have to think much about it. In Singapore we also have gospel choirs that have nothing to envy those of American films. You have it clear, right? A gospel choir is what comes to your finger (and never better said).

We have advice for everything, after reading this article there will be no doubt to hire a gospel choir.

Everyone who has witnessed a wedding with a chorus rociero coincides in the emotion that breathes in the atmosphere when they sing the famous Salve Rociera. Hiring a rociero choir is a very emotional option both to celebrate the rite of marriage and to continue the party at the cocktail party.

A more economical option for ceremonies is to hire a soloist musician such as a violinist, cellist, pianist or guitarist, and if you are thinking of organizing a wedding with few guests it will help to create the intimate atmosphere you are looking for.

The reception of the couple

The Americans will have the Gospel but we have the TUNAS. If we talk about tunas we automatically associate them with celebrations and they are a classic in the weddings of our country. We can hire a tuna to haunt the bride, to leave the church or at the banquet, we can even go back to the request of hand.

If you like Celtic music, and especially for Asturians and Galicians, nothing will excite more guests and boyfriends than a group of pipers waiting for the couple to leave the church. You will achieve the same effect with a group of mariachis for lovers of traditional Mexican music. But this is already a matter of taste; some people prefer the party of a charanga or the rhythm of the batucadas.

Something that civil weddings do not have, is the expected departure from the church of the bride and groom, but the pipers, as well as the tunas or even the charangas are perfect for the reception of the bride and groom at the banquet.

Music for your wedding cocktail

It is one of the most important parts of the wedding, the interval between the ceremony and the banquet, the moment in which families and friends come together, and in most cases they do not know each other. Music will help break the ice at your wedding cocktail.

By now you will know that you have an infinite number of options with which to configure your wedding music. For the cocktail would fit any of the previous proposals. Our advice, in addition to consulting the repertoire, is to ask if they have different pricing packages for weddings, such as hiring music for a ceremony + cocktail, cocktail or ceremony.

You can find more alternatives to liven up the cocktail of your wedding, depending on the taste of the couple or the theme of the wedding.

The jazz groups are perfect for weddings, both to entertain a cocktail and a banquet.

Why? We have told you in other occasions but we repeat it again

Jazz dresses elegance and sophistication any event

It’s a kind of music that favors conversations between guests (quite the opposite of a charanga, for example)

They are musicians and singers of first

An appropriate repertoire that calls romanticism, even more so, a wedding, they play all the jazz styles from the classic standars, bossanova, dixie, swing, current versions in key of jazz…

Adapted to all pockets: you can contract from a voice and instrument duo to the full band

Less in the religious ceremony, we can say that a jazz band fits in any act of the wedding such as the request for a hand, pre-wedding, Civil ceremony, cocktail, wedding banquet, the dance of the couple …

And speaking of romanticism is there something more romantic than a bolero?

The language of love in music translates into a bolero. You can find bolero singers for weddings from here.

Even more intimate if you hire a soloist as a saxophonist, pianist, guitarist or violinist.

The saxophonists are becoming the most demanded musicians in Merry Bees Show; we already talk about this in our tips for hiring saxophonists.

Do you want more gear?

The cocktail is usually quieter than the free bar, but everyone organizes their wedding as they wish. Check out all the categories of music groups announced in Merry Bees Show, you can find groups of rock, rumba, flamenco, Celtic music, reggae … everything!

Music for dancing

The bride and groom will kick off with the traditional bridal dance. Groups of versions and orchestras are the most demanded for weddings. Do you have doubts about what type of group to choose for your wedding dance?

If you like to have a good party with the typical pachangueo music and the best dance music of now and always, hiring an orchestra will be the best choice for your wedding.

And a group of versions?  The orchestras also make versions, it is clear but … what is the difference?

The groups of versions are specialized in a specific theme, genre or decade. You will find groups of versions of all styles of music, for those who like Spanish pop , the international pop rock of all time, funky , soul , music from the 60’s and 70’s …

For smaller budgets you can also enjoy live music with a musical duo or trio. A much demanded option is the djs specialized in weddings, authentic professionals in making all the staff dance.

If the couple is very mythomaniac, surprise them with a tribute band from their favorite band. It can be a good option to combine the performance of a tribute band with an orchestra or DJ to continue the party, since these bands usually have a show that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

When you are thinking about buying a new car, you investigate before making the final decision. It is a great expense. The same happens with the organization of the wedding, more than the money for what it implies, since it is one of the most important days in the life of a couple. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to find music for your wedding, we explain how.

Where to find your wedding music

Right here! At Merry Bees Show, the largest online portal for online entertainment contracting in Singapore.

In Merry Bees Show you will find the largest online catalog of artists and groups for weddings: orchestras, groups of versions, tribute bands, jazz groups, gospel choirs, saxophonists, guitarists, violinists…

In your artistic files you have all the information about the shows: photos, videos, audios, requirements, opinions…

It contemplates several options and compares each artist taking into account our recommendations.

Recommendations for hiring music for weddings at Merry Bees Show

Visit the artistic records of the groups and musicians; see all their videos and information about their shows

Read other clients’ opinions

Do not prioritize the price and value more aspects such as quality, professionalism, image, staging, repertoire and trajectory.

If you want to lower costs, look for groups and musicians from the same province as the event.

Prepare a list of questions for groups and musicians such as technical requirements, duration of the show, repertoire, and requests, extra options such as orchestra plus dj or karaoke.

How to contract the music of your wedding in Merry Bees Show

1. Direct contact

In the artistic files you will find contact information of groups and musicians for weddings (phone number, website, social networks). If you choose this option you will save time and commissions, but do not forget to inform the artist that you have found them in Merry Bees Show.

Only artists with a PREMIUM promotion plan will have the direct contact service. You will distinguish them because all their contact information appears on the file.

2. Request music budget for weddings through Merry Bees Show

Without any kind of commitment, filling in this form

Do not forget to provide us with all the information we need to know about the event in order to send you a budget adapted to your needs.

If you wish, an agent of our team specialized in event organization can contact you to resolve all your doubts.