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5 tips to choose our wedding photographer Sydney, write down the key points!

In the photographs, all the most special moments of your wedding will be immortalized. Pay attention to these tips to choose the ideal photographer to capture your essence and the most beautiful details of each session. Ready to find it?

A photograph is a unique moment, a drop of time frozen forever, through which you can see the past. Finding the ideal photographer for your wedding is crucial, as your images will immortalize the love thoughts of the ceremony, the bridal styling and wedding hairstyles, as well as every detail of the decoration, from the wedding centerpieces to the linens. Take note of what you need to consider in order hiring your wedding photographer Sydney and start getting your album ready.

1. Know your photographer

Before hiring the services of a photographer, meet in person those who have in mind. Chemistry and a good relationship are essential to build trust and feel relaxed in all sessions. It is important that you listen to the experiences and knowledge of your photography provider, in addition to reviewing your portfolio.

You can also check if you have any specialty, such as gastronomic photography, artistic photography or portraits. The style of your wedding will also help you define your priorities: will one of the protagonists of your album be the wedding fondant cake, the nature of your location or the bridal looks?

Ask your photographer or your team of professionals the materials they work with, the techniques they use and the formats and resolutions in which they will deliver their material. Your photographer must not only have technical knowledge, he must also capture the essence of the couple, from the modern wedding dress or the groom’s suit to the most romantic kisses and looks.

2. Clear information like water

The information about the hours of service, materials, prices and delivery times must be clear for both you and the photographer. When you look for your lens artists, expose all your doubts, have creative talks and pay attention to the information and advice with which your sessions can be enriched.

Remember that respect is the basis of the perfect relationship with the service and product providers involved in your wedding. Be open and cordial in your conversations with photographers and other providers.

Find out if your wedding photographer Sydney can offer you any promotions, multi-session packages or photo and video in various formats. In addition to economizing, the images of the engagement ring and those will have the same quality.

3. Photo sessions: plan them or get carried away?

There are many types of photography sessions: engagement, informal to show the best of your relationship, photos with the family or wedding procession, the traditional formal session, the trash the Dress , photos of personal arrangements and the first look … Each one will add details of their romance and personality to the wedding.

Some couples have the concept of their photographs well defined for a long time, so when it comes time to meet with your photographer, there is nothing left but to present the proposal. However, it is also valid to be guided by your artist, since he or she has experience in both the realization and the creative process. Be inspired by the royal wedding section and the advice of to choose the sessions you want from your B day and design your own style.

In both formal and casual sessions, creativity and professionalism must flow. Remember that natural postures look better than the poses tested and surely your photographer can propose some flattering angles.

4. What does a photographer see in an image?

In addition to the essence of the photo, photographers look closely at the lighting, the quality of the images and the camera angles. These are some aspects that should be taken into account when reviewing the portfolio. Also consider the certifications and even the recognitions your potential photographers have: remember that only certified professionals will guarantee satisfactory service.

Do not forget that the photos of your sessions and the wedding can be included in the original wedding invitations, save the dates, the wedding website and even in the thank you notes. They can also be exhibited in the toast or as part of the decoration of the reception. Of course, the photos will be kept in your wedding albums, so don’t stop until you find a photographer that meets all your needs.

5. Options and references

In addition to evaluating originality, style, technique and quality in their candidates, they can request references to their former clients and review the blogs, magazines and websites in which they participated. Do not forget to visit the Community of and the directory of providers to read opinions and recommendations of couples who, like you, sought and found the best for their wedding. After Day B, value your photographer’s services to help other couples make the best decision.

Your photographer’s search is as important as the selection of your wedding theme, the design of your wedding invitations, the type of lighting and the choice of wedding flowers that will decorate the reception. Review all the profiles you need and enjoy the creative process to the fullest.

Photography & Video

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

For you, brides and grooms, there is still time to find the pearl that will immortalize this day so important to you.

And given the number of providers, as much as it is to look for a needle in a haystack!

So, to help you find your rare pearl, I have concocted 5 tips to choose your wedding photographer.

To reach his or her own style…

You will see it quickly, the photographers do not miss. But the advantage is that there is something for everyone! Reportage, photos, color, black and white, vintage treatment, dark, bright…. Take the time to look at the photographers’ book.

Does his style fit you? Are you able to project yourself in his images?

The style is for me the first step in the selection of your photographer.

Do not contact a photographer if you do not recognize his style. Or worse … Do not accept to take the Aunt Monique’s photographer that your mom strongly advise you!!!

It’s your wedding, it’s your memories!!! It’s up to you to choose your photographer!

What will you stay when your day is over? Your pictures!!! It is therefore important that you enjoy reviewing your images. You will say to yourself “I have the impression that it was yesterday … I still have chills when I look at my photos”.

Meet the photographers…

Here we are!!! You have just browsed the web, and you have found three or four photographers whose work you like. More time to lose, contact them! Well-known photographers are booked on average 1 year in advance.

In the order of things, you book your domain, your caterer and your DJ. The photographer comes right after!

It would be a pity if your favorite photographer announces that the date is already taken.

Make an appointment with them. Face to face, if they are in the same area, or Skype. Do not stop at the photographers in your area. Many photographers move throughout France. Your pearl is in the south? We meet via Skype. We see each other and we talk to each other As practical as a real date!

The feeling…

During your exchanges, you will be able to feel if you are made to work together. The feeling is for me the mega criterion super important!!! We will accompany you on a good part of your day, see the full day. We will exchange, we rub shoulders, and we integrate your family cocoon and friendly.

As part of a photo report, we immortalize moments of exchange and emotions. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable and confident in the company of your photographer, that you even feel that your photographer is part of your guests.

You will be natural and spontaneous; you will not worry about him. “But where is he? What is he doing? Do you think he photographed Mamie Odette as I asked her? “

Concentrate on the most important: your lover, your day, your family and your friends! Your photographer will take care of the rest and do it well because you will trust him

Products, services before / during / after…

During your appointment, you will discuss the services offered. The photographers you will meet will tell you about their way of working, the products integrated into their offers (photo book, digital support, prints etc…)

Learn about the options they offer, photo studio type for a photobooth activity, photo session before and after the wedding etc…

Take the time to look at his products. Quality, finishes, options. Are the photos in the book imposed or do you make the book with him? Do not be afraid to ask your questions. You will be even more reassured for the future.

Also attach yourself to the proposed service. What does the benefit include? What do they offer on duty, before, during and after? The “after” is very important!

The delay of rendering of the report, that of the supports photos etc…

All these elements are also to be taken in the choice of your photographer.

The rates

Aaahhh!!! The rates…

It’s a sacred point! You have certainly given yourself an investment. Normal! The wedding budget is not necessarily expandable. This part can be seen during the first selection (when you are interested in the style of the photographers).

Some photographers display their rates on their site, others do not. In general, basic rates are announced. This allows you to see if its performance matches your investment.

During the meeting, you will talk at some point about this very important part. Do not be afraid to explain your expectations. How long would you like your photographer to accompany you, what photo material would you like, etc.

An estimate will be proposed and you will be able to make your decision with all the elements in hand

And if I have one last tip to give you, it’s a bonus tip.

You hesitate between two photographers: one offers a service in your investment but feeling level is not ecstasy, the other has a more expensive service but you have the crush on him and his work…

I’ll let you guess which one to choose … Rethink this question: what will you stay with your wedding?

You now have everything you need to choose your photographer.

I only have to wish you a beautiful wedding and beautiful photos!